You know you’re spoiled when….

You know you’re spoiled when you get to go to work with your mom at the premier (sorry, the writer is biased) Colorado luxury guest ranch. Then, while she is busy with work, you get to go into the kitchen to make play-dough and Chef Rob happens to show up and helps you make gourmet play-dough, not just the regular old kind, in your own private cooking class. And then you get to color it and play with it and then put all your dishes in a special industrial sized dishwasher and watch it whoosh and make exciting noises before you head to the staff room to meet up with your mom for a hot lunch prepared by Chef Brandon. Oh, and the dessert today was Macerated berries with homemade Bundt cake. OK folks, it isn’t like this every day at the ranch during the off-season, but these cute girls scored this morning!
This afternoon? Maybe a quick horseback ride in the indoor arena, because it’s just a little chilly outside and we’re all kind of spoiled now with that arena!