The reason I love booking Honeymoon Vacations

Melissa booked a reservation yesterday for a honeymoon vacation in the winter.  The winter season is my favorite time for honeymooners.  It's just perfect when the ranch is covered in snow and we are adults only.  That magic combination happens for most of January and the first half of February.

Maybe it's just because I love the mountains, and find the winter season to be magical.  But, to escape to the Colorado Rockies after the hustle and bustle of wedding planning seems just perfect to me.  For a honeymoon in Colorado, you want a secluded, special cabin.  Snow falling outside is nice.  A bubbling hot tub on the deck is pretty cool, especially after sitting in front of a roaring fire inside.  Also, have a vacation that is all-inclusive so you dont have to worry about pulling out your wallet and going over budget makes things easy for a young couple.  Lastly, with so many activities and fun things to do, couples can get out and laugh and learn together, before retreating to their romantic mountain getaway cabin.  

But, what Melissa and I talked about loving the most in booking honeymoon getaways is talking to the bride or groom on the phone.  There is so much anticipation in booking their vacation.  They are nervous making these big plans.  They want it to be just perfect, as this is such a special experience.  But, who knows?  When you look at a website, will it really be like what it says?  Where the fun is for us is reveling in their anxiety and excitement, knowing that this is a perfect spot for what they want.  The feeling Melissa had yesterday was the same one I've experience time and time again after booking a honeymoon vacation couple.  Excited for the couple and energized by knowing we are going to give them an amazing experience.

So, if you are looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway, give us a call.  We'll let you know why we think Vista Verde is a good fit for you!