The magic of a Colorado honeymoon

As I watch the honeymoon couples come through the ranch, it makes me excited about how we are helping start off a marriage.  Typically, they are exhausted when they walk in the door.  Months of planning, stress from the wedding and the emotional ride of committing your life to another person have overloaded them.  As they walk into the Lodge, you can see the tension still there.  It typically isn’t until the step foot into their Colorado honeymoon cabin that I see them start to take that deep breath.  We call it the Vista Verde sigh.  Letting it all go, leaving it all behind.

Once they have enjoyed a dinner with our other guests, gotten a chance to plan out their next day’s activities and have had a good night sleep in their romantic mountain getaway cabin, suddenly we are looking at new people.  They are now diving into the experience.  Sharing laughter and pushing their limits on a ski or horseback ride make them lighten up, have fun together, and seal the deal on leaving the rest behind.

A romantic Colorado getaway is all a couple needs to bring them closer together, make some lasting memories, and start them off right when they return home.  We love being a part of so many honeymoon vacations, and look forward to helping more couples start off their marriage the right way- with laugther and fun!