Spotlight on Rob Citto and the kitchen crew

It only takes being around Chef Rob Citto for a little while to know that he is from New York, Staten Island to be exact. No cowboy twang and Stetson hat for this chef! Rob graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and from there spent his time working as a chef at a fishing lodge in Alaska, on a boat in Panama and a club in Seattle, amongst other exciting locations. All of these destinations had a similar outdoor theme which appealed to Rob and part of why a works for him. An avid fisherman, hiker and fanatic softball team leader, Rob enjoys his time outside of the kitchen as much as in the kitchen.

When asked about why he is at Vista Verde Rob responded, “Vista Verde is not just a ranch, it is a place where people come to heal, or get away from the “real world”. I love looking at the mountains every day, watching the sunset and sunrise and seeing a new guest’s eyes widen when they see the ranch for the first time. I also love when a guest tells me they gained a bunch of weight. It means I’m doing my job well. I always try to come up with new dishes and ideas every season so there’s a new twist to our return guest’s home away from home.”

Rob has a fabulous crew working with him in the kitchen too. Matt, Patrick and Emmy work right by Rob’s side each day, turning out fun and creative meals that walk the line between ranchy and fancy. And, they have a little fun at the same time!