A Simple Guide to summer family vacation

As the summer dude ranch season is only a month away, we are spending a lot of time putting the finishing touches on our preparations for our family dude ranch times.  It makes me think about what makes a great summer family vacation.

1) Unplugging- part of what makes a family vacation at Vista Verde, whether it’s in summer of during winter for a family snow vacation, is that you get to unplug.  Cell service is spotty, and internet is only available in the cabins and Lodge.  You have to put down your Iphone, turn off your laptop, and texting….what’s that when you are out on a horse?  All of this unplugging allows you to plug into the most important part of your life….your family.

2) Experiences- there is something about shared experiences that makes great memories.  Laughing together while trying something new, experiencing the thrill of accomplishing a feat you didn’t think was doable, and being able to talk about those times around the dinner table that night and for years after.  Photos are great, but experiences are better.  At our luxury Colorado dude ranch, there are so many experiences to be shared.

3) Quiet time- although the experiences at an all-inclusive Colorado resort like Vista Verde are wild and fun, the quiet time is what brings a sense of peace.  Sitting around a campfire with your kids, laughing, talking, and then just enjoying the stillness changes everyone.  You can reflect, you can appreciate each other, the moment, and take a deep breath.

4) Relationships- building relationships with others helps build realtionships with each other.  Vista Verde is a dude ranch for families, and that means we all become family.  As you watch your kids build relationships with the staff and other guests, you get to enjoy watching those relationships grow.  At the same time, your relationship will grow with your kids as you sit around the table with other families and the staff.  Your kids will learn about you, and you will learn about your kids.

So, don’t wait.  Plan your summer family vacation today!  Whether you come to Vista Verde, or end up at another of the great Colorado dude ranches, you can’t go wrong.