Colorado Romantic Resorts

Colorado is a great place for romantic getaways, whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary celebration or just a getaway with your sweetheart.  Some like to come in the summer, when the weather is mild, and the outdoors are so accessible.  At Vista Verde, September is a great month for romantic getaways, when the ranch is adults only.  But, we also get requests for stays eariler in the summer.  I always warn the guests that there will be lots of kids around, but that typically isn’t a big issue.  Because we have such a great kids program at our all-inclusive Colorado ranch and resort, the kids are often times out of sight of the couples.  And, because our activities are set up with very individualized attention, it’s not like the romantic getaway couple is out on a ride with a bunch of 10 year olds.

Winter is another great option for romantic vacations.  Because the ranch offers shorter stay options in the winter, it is both more affordable for young honeymoon vacationers and more attainable for those with busy schedules.  And, there is nothing like snuggling up by a roaring fire in your private cabin or going for a romantic sleigh ride while the snow gently falls outside.

There are plenty of other great options for romantic Colorado getaways, from mountain cabins to big ski resorts.  Let us know of some of your favorites!