Dude ranches are great for families

I’m getting so many calls these days from people looking for great dude ranches for families.  This is not a new concept, as families have been traveling to dude ranches for generations.  But, it’s especially valuable in today’s fast-paced world and families going several different directions at once.

Why is a dude ranch so great for a family vacation?

First of all, a dude ranch vacation allows a family to slow down and unplug.  Most of the best dude ranches are located in remote spots where cell phones don’t work well, and wireless hot spots are not at the corner coffee shop.  Some dude ranches, like Vista Verde, do have wi-fi, but it is limited to the cabins and Lodge area.  What does this do for a family?  It allows the family to actually focus on each other, the conversation, the laughter and the relationships.  Sharing tales of adventures on the trail that day brings a family back together.

The slower pace of life on a dude ranch also helps a family relax, recharge, and enjoy each other’s company.  Fathers and daughters can learn to fish together.  Sons and mothers can round up cows together.  Families can share experiences that they will remember, rather than in a whirlwind of forgettable moments.

Another reason why dude ranches are great for family vacations is that the kids will be happy, so mom and dad can be happy.  We see so many kids cry as they leave the ranch at the end of the week.  That tells us they have connected.  Connected with the place, the people, the animals and the experience.  The ranch experience will stay with them long after they return to baseball practice and music lessons.

So, pack the bags, round up your family, and plan a vacation of a lifetime at a great Colorado dude ranch.  Whether you want a luxury dude ranch like Vista Verde, or a more rustic experience, it will be one to remember.