Back in the saddle again

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been immersed in the holidays and helping to take care of all the great guests we had here. It was a wonderfully fun and bustling time at the ranch with all sorts of special events and activities unique to the season. For both the Christmas and New Years week we were surprised by how active our guests were on their vacations! We had at least 4-5 ski trips going out each morning, horseback riding on the trail and lots of people in the indoor arena, sledders and then snowshoers too. We also spent a lot of time shuttling guests to and from the Steamboat Ski Resort for downhill skiing. All in all, it was a fun holiday! This past week has been one of catching up a bit as the guest counts dropped significantly. We had some extra staff come in to help us with the holidays, so they also headed back to school this week. Most of them had worked for us this past summer, so it was great to have them back for a couple weeks. Now we’re into our adult-only time, so we have a max of about 20 guests and more typically around 12 or so. We tend to not have guests going as many different directions since so many who come right now are avid skiers. But we’re still getting a lot of horseback riders, some snowmobilers and even the adults like sledding!

I had a friend visiting from California who came up and took some amazing shots at the ranch over the holidays and then again yesterday. He originally came up to take some interiors for his portfolio, but they turned out so well that I invited him back yesterday to a bunch of outdoor activities. Alex is a photographer who’s work varies from architectural photography to travel and fashion shoots. We had a blast and he got some great shots. He’s a really talented I’m sure I’ll be using them as I do updates to the website and brochure down the road!