September Mountain Getaway

A few months ago, we added an extra week at the end of our season.  But, I haven’t been great about getting the word out there so there are still a few cabins open for that week.  If any of you are looking for great fall foliage, fun in the mountains and some great R&R there is still time to plan your ranch holiday!

The week we added is September 25-October 2, 2011.  As mentioned above, it is an adult only week.  These are great weeks for romantic mountain getaways, or trip with your girlfriends.  And, of course, the best dude ranches are great for a single traveler as there are so many wonderful people to spend time with, while also getting some quiet time for yourself.

September is my favorite month of the year, and the adult only times lend a different feel to the ranch experience.

This extra week will be the 4th of our series of cattle round up weeks.  As we will have been gathering cows for 3 weeks prior, this time will be spent searching for strays.  That means lots of bush whacking while riding the amazing country side near our Colorado lodge and resort all day long, looking for sneakiest of them all…the ones who have evaded us previously.  The aspens are usually beautiful at that time and the air crisp.

If the idea of sitting on a horse all day doesn’t appeal to you at all, keep in mind that the bikes are still tuned and ready to go, the fishing rods trembling at thrill of autumn fishing, and the hiking trails spectacular in their fall glory.  Great food awaits you at the Lodge each evening, and a hot tub bubbling on your deck.

If you are interested in joining us, give Stephanie a shout at 800-526-7433 or  And, although we are technically closing on October 2, we will be offering our Horsemanship clinic October 5-9 with ranch trainer Terry Wegener.

There’s still time to play at our Steamboat Springs resort!