Dude Ranch with a Pool?

Adding a swimming pool to our list of ranch amenities was not an easy decision here at Vista Verde Ranch.  We resisted it for years for a long time for many reasons.  Although a luxury ranch, we didn’t want our all inclusive dude ranch to feel too much like a resort.  We didn’t want a pool to detract from the unique activities for kids and teens, which is part of what makes this such an amazing family vacation.  And, we were cognisant of the fact that a pool in this climate will go unused for more of the year than it is actually utilized.  Because, when the snow hits and we turn into a Colorado ski lodge, a pool doesn’t fit in the picture.

So, after much planning and debate, the pool was added last fall and finished up this spring.  There was much speculation about how it would play out to have a pool.  Would we regret adding it?  Would it be worthwhile?  I can confidently say, “Yes, it was the right choice” after more than 7 weeks of our summer dude ranch season.  The pool has helped get folks here who wouldn’t have considered us for their ranch holiday if we didn’t have one.  Although, most of them have found out that it really doesn’t matter if we have a pool or not as they are too busy having fun with our large selection of activities.  However, it has been a real bonus on hot afternoons when it feels good to just cool off a bit after an adventure out on the trail.

For those of you who have been wondering about it, here are some pictures finally.  We hope you get a chance to enjoy it this summer!  If not this year, come visit us next year for a wonderful dude ranch vacation!