Blustery Conditions no match for inspiring Love

So I didn’t come up with that headline. AJ and Charlie came into the office at just the right time for me to ask, “How do I title this blog post?” and AJ came up with the winning entry. Doesn’t it sound like it came out of the Vista Verde Post?

We just married off another couple in Vista Verde style. The irony is that in my years of coordinating weddings at the ranch I have a 100% showing for perfect weather, until today. But isn’t it perfect that we have the new Great Room right on time?

Mary Kate is Ben’s niece and Ben officiated her marriage to Dustin. The week started off with beautiful weather, but as we got closer to wedding day, it began to deteriorate. This morning it was 37 degrees and overcast, and the sun never came out. But it didn’t matter to anyone attending…the ceremony was lovely in front of the big fireplace in the Great Room. The food was delicious and the dancing is still going strong.

Weddings are great. Vista Verde weddings are pretty special to all of us here. What an honor and what a gift to offer a new couple! Congratulations and best wishes to Mary Kate and Dustin!