The Doors are Open!

We kept telling people all summer that the indoor arena would be ready to go by the time we have snow here. We didn’t really mean it needed to snow in September to prove that point! Nonetheless, we had our first snow yesterday (it’s gone already) and today used the indoor arena for the first time. They thought they signed up for a summer vacation, but it looks like they got a winter ranch vacation today!

Matt, Jamie and Bunky got to be the inaugural guests in the arena and everyone stayed a bit warmer than they did this morning on the breakfast ride. In fact, Matt and Jamie earn the tough guests of the year award for going on the ride at 7am this morning in 30 degree weather!! Apparently winter has decided to come a little early…but we’re hoping our nice fall weather returns soon.

After playing around with the clay and sand percentages for the footing in the arena for weeks, Terry seems to be pretty happy with how it’s turned out. But, as I’m writing this, I hear him on the radio, and it sounds like he’s back down there this afternoon tweaking a few things. Doesn’t he have some horses to train?