Fun new stuff on the website

As with many of the bigger picture projects around here, we started a couple last spring and am finally getting them finished. We wanted to have something on our website that gives a potential guest a feel for how varied and flexible the choice of activities is here at Vista Verde. Nothing can capture it like hearing about it from a former guests or experiencing it firsthand. But our new virtual itinerary is a fun way to dream about your next visit to Steamboat Springs!

In addition to that, we also wanted to have a way for the testimonials on our site to be more real. There are some great reviews on Tripadvisor, and but we thought we would give you all a chance to leave comments, howdy’s and memories on the Vista Verde site. So, we now have a guestbook page where you can do just that.

Now that these two are done, on to the next project! Ideas, ideas, ideas….always more fun stuff.