Getting out of the Office

I usually try to set aside some time on Thursday to blog. It’s a great day for me as I don’t have the kids with me and can catch up on the gossip at the ranch to get an idea for a blog topic, as well as have at least 20 minutes to sit down and write something, uninterrupted. But yesterday I was handed a hall pass from the office, and just never made it back in! Sorry to anyone who was actually trying to get a hold of me but I was having too much fun!

After having Cara and Beka help me all summer in the office, I felt like it was time to do something fun with them that didn’t involve a phone, computer, or inventory from the store. So we grabbed some horses and headed out to the South Fork Trail. It’s a bit of a long ride to try to fit in before lunch, but neither had been out there and I wanted to show them how beautiful it is. And we had a great time. It’s amazing how you can get to know someone in 2 hours when you’re sitting on a horse just chatting away. We had a great time revisiting the summer so far, finding out what their highlights have been, what their challenges have been and what they have taken away from this experience. If only I could have time to do something like this with each staff member and every guests. But, I suppose someone has to stick around to answer emails, phones and figure out how to fill up the ranch!

We got back from our ride just before lunch and I moved right into sitting down with one of our guests who is the editor of Southern Bride. She was asking me all sorts of questions about weddings at the ranch, something we don’t do a lot of but do have the ability to do now and then. It was fun to reminisce about some of the great weddings we’re had here (no, not just mine).

As soon as lunch wrapped up, I jumped into my funny yoga/cowgirl outfit and headed out with Kim and Brittany to our Wild yoga site. Less than 5 minutes into the ride we were turned around by a mega storm. After hiding out under the eaves of the barn for about 15 minutes and watching the torrential rain pour off the roof, we hopped back on and headed out in the beautiful, post-rain sunshine. Kelli led all of us through a very nice yoga practice in a field of amazing wildflowers while the aspen leaves fluttered above us and the clouds rolled through the blue sky. It was divine.

As soon as we returned to the ranch I ranch down to the Lodge, packed up my computer and zipped off to get the kids from daycare before they kicked them out on the street. All of us here at the ranch know we have a great job, but some days it feels like it’s a joke that we’re getting paid to do this! Yesterday was one of those for me. I hope you all had a great week, and will update you on more ranch details next Thursday…..

By the way, pictures to follow of the wild yoga when I get them loaded!