We’ll be ready for the winter in plenty of time!

As the summer rolls along, we’ve been keeping our eye on the upcoming winter season. Sounds a little crazy to say that when it’s just barely August 1, but that is indeed what we’re doing. You see, to be ready for the winter this year means having the new indoor riding arena completely ready to go by October when the weather might start hitting here in the Rockies. This project has taken a little longer than anticipated but we always had our eye on the main goal, which was to be able to offer winter riding and to be able to keep spending as much time training the new young horses and tuning up the ones in the guest string. And we’re excited that we’re hearing it should all be ready in about 4 weeks. So, as we run around in short sleeves and cowboy hats this summer, we’re watching the project coming together way out in the Lower Pasture. The carpenters are doing some finish work right now on the exterior trim and also on the inside of the arena. Hey, it’s an arena, but it doesn’t hurt if it’s a pretty one!

Until then, we’re enjoying being on horseback in the outdoor arena and on the trails in this fabulous weather we’re having this week….a cool breeze blowing through the aspens.

And Steve and Chris are biking their tails off trying to keep up with guest Rob this week. After a summer of lots of intense mountain biking, I actually think they are going to be perfectly happy to pack the bikes up and leave the use of the indoor arena to the horses!