Cute kid and a special deal

This past week has reminded us how lucky we are to have so many loyal guests who we get to call friends. And with all the activities going in so many different directions, we’re also just impressed by the adventurous spirit of our guests.

I didn’t have any picture perfect moments this week, probably because I was a bit distracted with so many great guests, but I did get a few minutes to have Leslie take a quick picture of Maggie trying out our new pony Shamrock. She is so stinking cute you just can believe it. Not only has Maggie tried her, but Maddie was on her first, then Jack and Annie. She may become the ranch kids’ pony but I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep the guests from her. Shamrock came through a connection of Terry’s who just needed to find a good home for this little 16 year old Welsh pony. She’s done all sorts of arena riding over the years and is picture perfect under saddle. We’ll try her out on the trails and see how it goes in the big bad world of the Rocky Mountains!

On another note, if you know of anyone planning last minute travel this summer, we have a deal for them! Check out our specials page for more info about the last two weeks in August.