adults week Fall of 2012

My husband Rich and I have decided to start our bucket list now, we have been motivated by losing several close friends to unexpected ravages of cancers and heart attacks. While we have our good health and energy we chose my first bucket list item, a beautiful luxury dude ranch. My goals were to ride every day if I could, learn how to lasso, and herd cattle. All my expectations were met and so much more. Well…..the lasso was not exactly mastered, David said all I needed was practice and since I was so close and seemed to be having a great time David decided I should take the lasso home. It is a piece of Vista Verde memories I get to look at every day with a smile and a warm feeling that Rich and I will return, you can be sure I’ll bring it back to show David how well I’m doing and ask him to show me how he jumps through that lasso.

Name: Denise Horne-Kaplan
City: Roaring Gap
State: North Carolina