Rows of bread

Dace and I walked into the kitchen this morning to see Rob working away at his new pastry section. Lined up on the counter next to it were rows and rows of fresh baked bread. I’m one of those people who, before working here, considered bread to be the kind of food product that you buy in a store. No one actually makes it from scratch do they? Well, I’ve learned that not only do a lot of people make it from scratch but that there is a complete art to bread making. Ever since his class in bread making this spring, Rob has been spending all his free time (yes, the guy comes in late at night and on his day off to do this) tinkering with his recipes and perfecting his ideal breads. If you ask me, they all taste pretty darn good. But he’s still not quite satisfied. Then, in case that isn’t enough of a challenge for him, he’s now talking about homemade pretzels, homemade donuts, and more. Dude, give yourself a break. Go fishing. Take a little time off!

On another note….as we head into our second week of guests we want to send a big Happy Father’s Day out to all the dads out there who can’t be here to celebrate Father’s Day in ranch style. We’ll raise a glass of beer to each of you tonight and knaw on some prime rib at dinner (Steve will taste some tender salmon instead) and wish you all a happy Father’s Day!