The big move, part I

So far, we have 3 of the 4 new offices moved into. Ben was the first to jump on the moving bandwagon and was moved in by early this week. Yesterday was a big push to get Rob and Teresa moved into the new Kitchen office, and I got moved into my new one down by the front desk. After all these years of wondering if someone is wandering around downstairs looking for help, I will finally be where I should be and we will finally have an official front desk! I’ve got to admit, I’m going to miss the fun of sharing an office with Ben. We’ve had some fun! But we’ll probably both be a little more efficient without someone sitting right there, bouncing ideas off each other and getting distracted in the process. Next up is Dace’s office move, but we are waiting until he gets back from Santa Fe and Scottsdale to move him. He was traveling with Peggy and the designer the past couple days looking for some artwork for all these new spaces we have to decorate! You might even see a Dace Starkweather original hanging somewhere in the Lodge this summer! Didn’t know he was such an artsy kind of guy? Hey, we all have our surprises.

In the process of all this moving, we’ve come across some pretty funny stuff such as VHS tapes full of teen videos from past summers, Mobil 4 star plaques that we just couldn’t get rid of, years after Mobil decided to stop rating guest ranches, old flip charts with notes from staff orientation, and the most random assortment of single gloves.

While all this moving was going on, the chefs were also moving their stuff back into the new and improved kitchen. It was fun to watch these guys who are usually focused on creativity and food to be moving heavy equipment and using tools. They did all right! However, there seem to be some sizing snafoos with the dish washing area, so Rob was at his wits end as Bill and a couple others tried to figure out how to make it all work.

The next big step is the mega-moving party happening sometime around the 27th. The designer and his team will pull an all-nighter while they move in the furniture, arrange it all, adjust lights and artwork and fixtures. We should be on TLC!

Hopefully it will all be in place by the time the staff show up on June 1. The clock is ticking!