Good looking fillies

I thought I might grab some attention with that title, if not get spammed. Yesterday, Dan and Rusty pulled into the ranch with two trailers worth of horses. No, they aren’t all new horses, but the ones that we sent down to Terry’s (did you read about Terry in the newsletter?) for the spring to get some training while we were still buried in snow. And a couple of them are the new fillies we got at a sale a month ago. They are enjoying the big, open pasture and we’re excited to start getting some time on them and get their training on the trail going this summer. These fillies are young and were bought with a future breeding program in mind so they have good bloodlines, good confirmation and good attitudes. In another year or so we’re hoping to have some cute babies playing out in the pastures each summer. Then, once they are old enough we will start them under saddle, put a few years of training on them and then move them into our ranch string. In the meantime, we’re just enjoying watching these good looking fillies get to know their new home!