Thank you notes

Thank you Chris for this touching note. He also took some amazing shots of the horses running in one morning.

Good afternoon from hot and humid South Florida! I really wanted to reach out to you and your staff to express my heartfelt thanks for our vacation of a lifetime! After 14 years of working in police work, I have never experienced a family vacation close to our Vista Verde Ranch visit. I truly hope that my family’s sincerity in our expressions and words communicated our feelings about our stay. The week brought our family closer, and also allowed me to be reminded of the important things in life; family and friends.

Trisha and I honestly felt a connection with you and your staff, which we will cherish for a very long time. Our children have slept with the pictures of their assigned horses nightly, and can’t seem to allow themselves to move on! I am having as much of a problem settling back into my “real life” as the rest of the family. Heading to a baseball tournament tonight and basketball games this weekend! Back to the craziness!
We hope that our family has the opportunity to travel back to Vista Verde next summer and seasons to follow. I will send a link to some photographs that we took of the staff and our family. The pictures really don’t depict the amount of joy the people of Vista Verde Ranch passed along to our family, but I hope they are a small window into the wonderful week we enjoyed. Feel free to pass the link onto anyone on your staff, as they can download them for their enjoyment.

Thank you once again for enriching our lives, and we hope to foster further relationships with you all in the future! If you or any of the staff wish to keep in touch or want to drop us a line, my contact information is below. Take care and please don’t change a thing!!!!!!

Name: Chris
City: Davis
State: Florida