Sking North Fork of the Elk Creek

Knees bent, arms out, holding tightly to the metal bar in front of me, I could feel the slippery wind at my ears and feel the bumps in the road making my arm muscles tense and release over and over again. Who knew that today I’d be riding on the back of a dog-type sled being pulled by a snowmobile headed into the mountain range.

I neither expected or planned for this as part of my backcountry ski adventure. Oh what fun new experiences are! Twenty minutes later we pulled up beside the Route Forest Campground, popped on our skis, and trekked down to North Fork of the Elk creek with the sun reflecting off of everything and begging us to take layers off and enjoy the Spring like day. The creek was piled up with 4 feet snow caps that looked like giant marshmallows stabilized on top of moving water. And somehow we were able to trek right over the top of it! 

We followed it as it looped back and forth through the sunlit forest. And we were each mesmerized by the different shaped portals along the way that clearly displayed the flow of water that gurgled through the underworld we were all standing on. Amazing we didn’t fall in!

On the way back our guide dropped me off midway, to ski on my own the last few miles back to the ranch. What a glorious Vitamin D-day and a good workout!!! But I feel good nonetheless and am dreaming about Springtime now!