Winter Horseback Riding, here we come!

I’ve been trying to keep you all updated on what’s going on with the Lodge addition, but haven’t given you an update on the indoor riding arena. That’s partly because there wasn’t a whole lot to look at until recently. There was a lot of dirt being moved, and a lot of steel supports being buried in the ground. But we now are starting to see the skeleton of the arena coming together. Each day a few more steel support beams are put into place. It’s fun to ski by the worksite and see it taking shape. This is one doozy of a riding arena. We’ll be able to host the Steamboat Pro Rodeo series if they ever decide to have a winter version! While I usually take the winter off from riding, except for a few jaunts on the snowy horse trails, I think next winter may be a bit different. We’re looking into hosting some special clinics as well as just being able to offer more time on horseback whether it be taking a lesson or playing with cows. For now, we’re still enjoying the horse rides around the ranch when not skiing, snowshoeing or sledding!