The Thrill of Back Country Snowmobiling

Guest Post

Cliffs, jagged turns, bumps, and speed!   My first time snowmobiling and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!  I joined in with some of our guests, a family from Holland, who were out for their second Snowmobile extravaganza since arriving for their winter getaway in Colorado.   The day showcased a brilliant blue ski, confident rays of sunshine, and white powdered ground etched in stark shadows from proud standing Aspen trees and lush evergreens.

Into the Routt National Forest we went for a two hour adventure.  About midway, we went over a beautiful stream via a bridge made entirely of ice and snow.  Once we turned off our engines we could here the lull of the trickling water and nothing else but muffled silence.   Amazing!  On the way back we got to see the beginning of the sunset sinking into the mountains we were just heading out of.  What a perfect time spent touring the backcountry!

Also, the handwarmers on the Snowmobiles were a wonderful touch, making my snowmobile experience that much more enjoyable.  And I was able to turn them up hotter especially as the sun began to dip down, taking the temperature down as well.   Not only did I have a memorable trip, but our guests from Holland had no idea that their family snow vacation was going to tickle their fancy as much as it did, which they expressed to me while taking photos at one of our scenic stops along the way.   What a memorable trip!  I can’t wait for the next one!