A week to remember

We just finished up with a monumental week of winter enthusiasts. It wasn’t until I was getting the bills together for all the guests to check out that I realized that out of the 20 guests staying with us, 10 of them were comp stays! How do you get a comp stay at the ranch you ask? Well, come stay with us 9 times and the 10th stay is on the house, or maybe I should say on the ranch. We’ve had several of our loyal guests reach that goal each season, but this was a first to have so many at the same time. It’s pretty humbling from our point of view that there are that many wonderful people out there who have put us on their vacation list that many times! And, to top it off, we had Pat and Jayne staying with us the same week, and they were on their 18th stay. Ironically, Pat is the one who first gave us the idea for the 10th stay free program. So it was fun that he could be here to witness all the guests reaping the rewards of his brainchild. In honor of Pat and Jayne and all their years of coming to Vista Verde, we decided it was time to make them a part of the ranch heritage. As you can see from the picture, the trail formerly known as Wooded Way is no longer so wooded, thanks to our beetle friends. So, we decided it was appropriate to rename the trail, and to do it in honor of these two who have been such a big part of our ranch family all these years. As soon as we can get the sign made, the trail will now be known as the JP Trail. Our hats are off to all these loyal guests, and we hope some of you reading this will reach that 10th stay too!