Winter is Here!

I flew back in from California yesterday to find that winter had arrived while I was gone.  Most of us took some portion of last week off to enjoy time with family and friends during the one major holiday that we aren’t open.  Steve and Kelli were down in Denver and took Maddie to her first Nutcracker performance.  Ben and Holly packed up their troops and drove down the Colorado Springs for some turkey time and Christmas shopping.  Dace headed to Oregon to visit with his brother and family.  Charlie was nearby with Barb’s family.  Rusty and Bekah headed to another ranch to help their friends hosts guests there for the holiday.  And the last guys standing- Rob, Matt and Bill enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast fit for kings here in the dining room while no one else was around.   We all felt there is so much to be thankful for and hope you all enjoyed a nice holiday as well.

Now we’re back in action, gearing up for the staff to arrive next Monday.  Today we hammered out the rest of the details of the holiday schedule and the logistics of all the festivities we have planned.  Oh yeah, and then we all had to fill out our health insurance papers to switch to a new company.  Yep, even here we have some paperwork to shuffle! 

I’ll get some pictures of the snow posted in a couple days so you can enjoy your view of the ranch via computer!