The Vista Verde winter staff are here!

Monday afternoon the staff rolled into Steamboat Springs and then to the ranch to begin the 10 day information download called orientation. We are excited to have so many returning staff from last summer and winter. Steve and Kelli have the Dream Team up in the Nordic Center with 100% returners. Charlie has already deemed his crew of ranch hands as the A-team. So, it may turn into the A-team vs the Dream Team this winter. Dace and Rusty put together an agenda of fun activities mixed in through the next week or so to add a little fun to all the work they are doing. So, for starts, everyone headed into Steamboat Springs last night for a hard core bowling competition. I bet you didn’t even know Steamboat Springs has bowling? Bekah and her server staff took the lead for the night and showed everyone they know how to “serve up” a whopper of a win. Pardon the pun. Well, now it’s off to get my latte as Bekah has the girls practicing making espressos and lattes. Ah….life is rough here at the ranch.