Ranch Resort Under the Rainbows

Anyone who has visited the mountains or lives in them can testify that mountain weather can be unpredictable. Even with that, reading headlines across the nation like “Record Rain Soaks big Apple” and “Texas Towns Tap Toilets to Beat Draught”, makes me realize that with its unpredictability isn’t that bad. Besides, when mountain weather is good …  it is good. Sometimes it is more than good even to the point of enchantment. A few weeks ago a few rain showers passed through Vista Verde Dude Guest Ranch which left a beautiful vibrant rainbow that covered the ranch. Moments later the romantic moment got better when another rainbow appeared in the sky to form a double rainbow. Although the horse trail rides, arena work, hiking, biking and fly-fishing are all part of the main attractions here, little moments like this are what make a horseback riding vacation more than just another Steamboat Springs Vacation.