Living it up at the Ritz

I just pulled back in from a fun getaway at the Ritz Carlton in Bacherlor Gulch (Beaver Creek/Vail area).  I was a Ritz rookie, but had the opportunity to go stay there for a meeting of the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association (  We have meetings twice a year, and the fall one is usually the fun one that is held in a unique venue.  Last year we went to Vegas, which was a riot at 7 months pregnant.  I wasn’t much for the nightlife at that time.  But, back to the Ritz.  We packed up the kids and hauled them down to stay in a deluxe suite and we treated like royalty.  Dace and Ben showed up for the day on Monday, so they didn’t get the full treatment.  It’s really fun to go somewhere like that, especially when you are in the hospitality business.  I was able to really watch what they are doing with a critical eye, and as with any good vacation we take, I was able to steal some good ideas.  Now, don’t expect a earpiece-wearing, suited up valet next time you pull up to the ranch or a phone next to your toilet, but I did get some good ideas to put into place.  Now it’s back to reality….although I can admit to all of you heckling me right now that I do understand our reality at the ranch is a bit dreamy.