Article Ideas

We welcome requests from the press for information, interviews and even a visit if we can help make it happen! Check out some of our article ideas, help yourself to pictures and please contact Stephanie with any questions.

Trade in Your Old Ski Vacation

Most snow vacations mean waiting in long lines, freezing on the lifts, dodging out-of-control snowboarders and paying an obscene amount for a mediocre cheeseburger. Not at Vista Verde Ranch. At Vista Verde, a snow vacation means unusual activities (think snow biking, dog sledding and backcountry skiing) at an intimate luxury guest ranch located near Steamboat Springs. With a small guest count and a ridiculously high staff count, there are no lines, loads of personal attention and gourmet cuisine – at a truly all-inclusive price.

Budget-Friendly Luxury Travel

“Budget” and “luxury” may sound incompatible – until you schedule a trip to Vista Verde. Our all-inclusive pricing really is all-inclusive, which means guests can plan ahead and budget their luxury vacations. Then they can relax, knowing there won’t be any surprises at check-out. Meals, wine, activities, equipment, instruction, airport transfers and even staff tips are all included. If the budget fits, pull on your cowboy boots and get ready for a great time – because what you see is what you’ll get.

You brought home a WHAT?

What did you bring home from your last vacation? A t-shirt? A Christmas ornament? A horse? No, that’s not a typo. A growing number of Vista Verde guests are buying horses at check out.  Some fall in love with the horse they rode all week. Others see the high quality young horses in Vista Verde’s breeding program and our top-notch training program and decide that’s the kind of horse they want. They can pick a young foal, watch it grow and get trained – and then take it home. Now that’s an unusual vacation souvenir!

Romance with Kids?

If a romantic vacation with kids sounds impossible, it’s time to visit Vista Verde Ranch. Our engaging, fully supervised kids’ program offers nearly endless activity choices so Mom and Dad can try an adventure or luxuriate in the hot tub with a glass of wine while the kids sled, horseback ride, snowshoe and more.  Then the entire family can take a sleigh ride together before Mom and Dad linger over a gourmet, candlelit adults-only dinner and the kids enjoy a fun group meal and evening program. Spacious private luxury cabins provide plenty of couples time and family time. All-inclusive pricing makes budgeting and planning easy.

A Truly Exotic Honeymoon

Looking for a truly exotic honeymoon? Swap the beach for a luxurious, all-inclusive winter wonderland. At Vista Verde Ranch, located on 600 secluded acres outside Steamboat Springs, honeymoons are packed with romance, adventure and fun.

Relax in a gorgeous private cabin with an outdoor hot tub, a custom bathroom, stocked refrigerator and wood-burning stove. Spend the day skiing, horseback riding, holding hands on a snowy sleigh ride and snuggling in front of a roaring fire, then take a sunset soak in the hot tub. Finish the day with a gourmet candlelit dinner, fine wine and an amazingly star-filled sky.

Say What?

What does it mean when your horse licks his lips? How can you ask your horse to collect and soften? Vista Verde riders know, because learning to read and speak “horse” is a core part of the horsemanship program for riders of all levels.

Sound surprising for a dude ranch? At Vista Verde, the week starts with an in-depth horsemanship clinic and includes clinics on balance, groundwork and much more. Even novice guests ride highly trained horses and learn how to reinforce that training. So the horses are more responsive, the guests are more engaged and the riding is a great experience for humans and equines alike.