Fun Facts

Fun Facts about our Colorado Dude Ranch

Animal Population: Over 100 horses, including mares and foals and a team of draft horses. In the winter, they consume more than 250 tons of hay. 4 dogs and 4 cats round out the animal herd.

Furniture: Many cabin furnishings built from ranch wood by Bill Backer, who also heads up our maintenance.

Firewood Used: 896 cubic feet per year

Most Unusual Photo Shoot: A Denver Broncos Cheerleader calendar

Oldest Cabin: The Homestead, built in 1936. The Homestead has hosted 6 weddings and at least 2 marriage proposals since 2002.

Most Unusual Guest Gift: A case of frozen Chicago stuffed pizza sent to staff as a thank you.

Guest Job Offers to Staff: Frequent, including pharmaceutical sales, engineer and equine veterinary supply sales.

Most Frequent Visitors: A family from Tucson, AZ has been to Vista Verde 21 times and is planning another visit.

Favorite Guest Perk: 10th visit free

Most Visits per Year: A couple from San Diego, CA, who visited the ranch four times in one year.

Longest Distance Guest: Singapore

Shortest Distance Guest: Steamboat Springs

Staff Marriages: Average 1 per year