Families and Dining

While many parents join us to have some quality time with their children, there comes a time-usually quite quickly it seems- when a little adult time is quality time as well. So we structure a number of adult candlelight dinners while the younger set is in the capable care of our kids wranglers. What makes this possible is a tradition started some years ago called Dine and Dash. It features a nutritious and tasty (but kid friendly, e.g. no Brussels sprouts) menu. Then, while mom and dad are enjoying a leisurely dinner with adult conversation, the youngsters are off on a hayride or treasure hunt or to play Capture the Flag. Teens tend to ride the fence between wanting to be grown-up, and embracing the joys of youth. Knowing that, the teens are encouraged to join the teen wranglers for the Dine and Dash dinner and then their own set of activities. But they are also welcome to join the adult dinner with you if they prefer.

Now, our culinary institute-trained chefs are used to preparing culinary delights. But they are quite versatile and, after all, they were youngsters once, too. So they embrace offering fare that ravenous young guests (not to mention the kid wrangler crew) will put away. Here is a sample Dine and Dash menu from a season past. Your children probably couldn’t care less what’s on it, as they are more concerned about how to keep having fun. But for the peace of mind of mom and dad, rest assured that no one goes hungry at the Vista Verde Ranch Resort!