Dude Ranch Photography Workshops

Most of the time the changes that happen here at the ranch are very intentional, as we constantly strive to improve the guest experience. But, every once in a while, something happens organically, and we don’t realize it until after the fact. Along those lines, it seems that Vista Verde has become a photography workshop destination. For over a decade our beloved Carla Jones has offered her weekly photography workshop to our guests. This is an amazing opportunity to spend time with a professional photographer to learn tips and tricks to taking better photos. In the last year, we have formed relationships with two amazing equine photographers that have resulted in two unique photography workshops with a dude ranch flair.

Tony Stromberg hosts photography workshops all over the world, chasing the best light and the most beautiful horses. You may recognize his style from one of his many books or calendars. Tony hosts his Vista Verde photography workshop in October, and tends to book it full as soon as he puts out the dates to his followers. It’s amazing to see all that goes into capturing breathtaking photos of our herd and our landscape, but the results are well worth the effort.  Tony’s Vista Verde Ranch workshop is typically held in October for 4 nights.

Gigi Embrechts has a special place in her heart for draft horses. She travels the world capturing gorgeous photos of draft horses hard at work and you can feel her love for them in her photos. We also stumbled into our partnership with Gigi, and look forward to her winter photography workshop with a group of avid photographers shooting horses, playing with lighting, and capturing the heart of the ranch on camera.  Gigi hosts her workshop at Vista Verde in late-January and has teamed up with Karen Hutton for 2019.  Learn more….

If you love horses and photography, we strongly encourage following these artists and hopefully joining them for their workshops at Vista Verde!  Reservations are made through the photographers directly, but feel free to contact us with questions.