You’ve booked your ranch vacation, yeah! Now what?

Thank you for choosing to book a stay at Vista Verde Ranch!  Now what?

  • Don’t book your airfare (if you are flying to Colorado) quite yet….we are going to review your reservation and contact to you tie it up with a bow.  We do this just in case you might have booked your vacation with kids during an adult-only time, or booked a cabin with a larger minimum by mistake, etc…  We just want to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  So, sit tight, one of us will give you a call or send an email when we get your reservation, or when we wake up for those of you who are booking in the middle of the night.
  • If you’d like to go ahead and check out our packing list to start planning what goes in your suitcase, please visit the Pre-arrival Guest Info page.  You will also be able to fill out the Advance Guest Information form from this page.
  • Can’t wait to start imagining yourself playing at the ranch?  Make sure you are following us on social media for updates on what is going on at the ranch.  We spend more of our time on Facebook and Instagram, so that is where you’ll see the most up to date photos and news.  Also check out our blog for other news and anecdotes from the ranch.
  • More questions?  Just give us a call at 970-879-3858 between 7am-9pm Mtn Time and someone in the office will be happy to answer questions and share your enthusiasm for your upcoming trip.  We love being at the ranch, so we get pretty excited about others who feel the same!
  • Start the countdown!!