Head Trainer/Farrier
CPR & First Aid Certified
Hometown: Hilo, HI
School: Minnesota School of Horseshoeing

KP enjoys music, training horses, horse shoeing horses, dancing and free diving, as he grew up on the big island of Hawaii. KP had the opportunity to attend horseshoeing school the spring of 2014, and now along side of two other ferriers, takes care of Vista Verde’s herd. He gained this wonderful opportunity to work at VVR through a friend during his time working at Disneyland, where they worked with draft horses. Although KP is a horsemen, he does enjoy winter activities such as backcountry skiing and skate skiing. Even though he is from such a tropical home, he has come to love and enjoy the cold, snowy Colorado weather!


Head Wrangler
Wilderness First Responder
Hometown:Minneapolis, MN
School: Knox College

Ben received a degree in psychology and creative writing at Knox College before deciding he wanted to come to the mountains. In addition to being the Head Wrangler, Ben is also in school to become a certified horse trainer. Before coming to Vista Verde, Ben was living within a Buddhist monastery for four months in Northeastern India. Ben has taken much of what he has learned through daily meditation and transfers these skills to training our horses. Based on this incredible experience and his calm and kind personality, those on the ranch affectionately refer to him as Zen Ben! Fun Fact: Ben loves to Salsa! Catch him at the barn dance because he's got moves!


CPR & First Aid Certified, USAF Survival/Evasion Certified
Hometown: Louisville, KY
School: University of Louisville

David graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Political Science and recently commissioned as an officer in the USAF. When it gets cold you can find him snowboarding out west, most recently in Jackson Hole, WY. When it gets warm you will find him rock climbing, hiking or bumming off friends' horses to ride. Last summer David spent time at the Air Force Academy learning to survive/evade in the mountains, then did a solo backpack trip through the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness and finally ended up wrangling at a Young Life Camp. David loves live music, good food and any adventure that leads to new travels.


CPR/First Aid
Hometown: San Diego, CA
School: Cal Poly Pomona

Liz recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, studying Agribusiness and Animal Science, and it has been a dream of hers to work at VVR for quite some time. She has a passion for horses and a desire to travel, she has worked in several different beautiful places working with horses, such as the Rocky Mountains and Orcas Island which is located in the San Juan Islands. In college she was on the Equestrian Team for both English and Western disciplines. She enjoys any time spent outside, and because of her love and interest in photography, behind the lens of a camera as well.


CPR, AED, First Aid Certified
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
School: University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Jess grew up riding horses and vacationing at dude ranches with her family but has always lived in a city, so to be working as a wrangler at Vista Verde is an absolute dream come true. She majored in Wildlife Biology, loves animals and all things outdoors. Just last spring she quit her job, packed up her car with her two pups and took a road trip to visit her brother in San Diego. She traveled down to Mexico, and all around California while she was there, hiking, swimming and exploring as much as possible! Though she has traveled to Europe, Africa, and all around the US, this is her first time actually living anywhere other than Minneapolis, and she couldn't be more excited. Other passions include spending time with her two dogs, Phoebe and Pablo, yoga, reading, taking photos, and listening to and playing music!


Hometown: Fishers, IN
School: Ivy Tech Community College

Two of Liz's favorite things are the outdoors and traveling. There's nothing like a great adventure and getting to explore new things! Last year, she spent almost three weeks touring Europe from Wales to Italy. Some other things she enjoys are being around animals, spending time with friends, and playing lots of music. One thing on her bucket list would be to drive across the U.S. from coast to coast.


Barn Hand
Hometown: Clark, CO

Morgan joins the VVR team as a Clark local and we are excited to have him! He loves to challenge his brain with puzzles and strategy games like chess. Morgan also likes to simply relax and watch the game whether that be baseball, basketball or football especially the Dallas Cowboys! Morgan also enjoys reading and writing short stories. Fun Fact: Morgan is the youngest, yet the tallest person at VVR!