Weddings are not really part of the business plan, but a by-product of hiring the most amazing people we can find and then surrounding them with others who are incredible….and then they are all about the same age and stage in life.  Next thing you know, our staff are getting married, and we’re attending a lot of weddings!  Over the years, we started to lose track of all the couples who got their start at the ranch, so we recently reached out to our alumni and put together a list.  Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  It’s a living document, as we may have missed some, and are pretty sure some will be added to it in the future.

Angela and Konrad Vallard – 1997?

Angie and Trey Dail – 1999?

Sarah Switzer and Mark Sortum – 2000

Ashley Blades and Jonathon Gillespie – 2005

Adair and Dusty Danos – 2007

Ashlie Stephensen and Ryan (Woody) Dompier – 2008

Beka Roll and Rusty Chadwick – 2010

Alaya Morning and Cholly McGlynn – 2010

Jo Stouder and Javin Stolzfus – 2011

Stacy Corless and Dan Knapp – 2012

Rachael Mirabella and Brent Boyd – 2012

Eliza Dodd and Brett Leeper – 2013

Lindsay Houvener and Cliff Godbold – 2013

Cori Webb and Dan Ford – 2015

Kalen Ney and Ryan Sundeen – 2015

Jamie Porter and Rob Panos – 2015

Sally McEwen and Robb Stewart – 2015

Lauren Sawyer and Jason Sample – 2016

Meagan Kelley and Andrew Fackler – 2016

Melissa Hotek and Nathan Margason – 2016

and still more weddings in the making!