Head Housekeeper
CPR & First Aid Certified
Hometown: Mount Jackson, VA
Previous Position: Farm Store Manager

Hannah grew up in a remote area of Virginia and has always loved the great outdoors! She was home schooled, which give her the freedom to do a lot of what she loves: exploring nature, horseback riding, cooking and reading books for hours on end. Fun Fact: She loves having people guess her age. She has been mistaken as being her brother's teenage daughter and she's also been mistaken as being her father's wife!
We are excited to have Hannah as our housekeeping manager this season!


CPR & AED Certified
Hometown: New Holland, PA
School: Bloomsburg University

Kathryn spends much of her free time working with her dogs, whether in focused training sessions or out on trails. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, dancing, curling up with a good book, and eating ice cream. She will be accompanied this summer by her service dog Draco and if she's asked, Kathryn will happily have Draco show off some of his favorite tricks! A few of Draco's favorite things are hiking, playing in the snow, playing with rope toys, and giving kisses.


CPR, Wilderness First Aid
Hometown: Cokato, MN

Jacob enjoys being outside, working with animals (he loves riding horses), playing pond hockey, and volleyball. Jacob brings a fun, easy going atmosphere to any room he is in. Fun fact: Jacob has fun playing the Mandolin in his family's band!


CPR/ First Aide, Archery level 1
Hometown: Denair, California

Kloie spent her past summer working in Yellowstone National Park. She was born in a tiny town in central California, where they have more cows than people. Kloie's free time is spent either on the softball field, with her family and friends, listening to music, or hiking somewhere with a great view. She loves being an aunt to her nieces Payton and Madison, they truly light up her world. Fun fact: she paints and fixes furniture for her family’s store.


Hometown: Smithville, Ohio
School: Oklahoma State University

Ellie grew up on a small farm in Ohio, where she raised sheep, broiler chickens, cows, and her puppy, Dixie. She just graduated with her Bachelor's in Agribusiness. In her spare time, she has been learning how to play guitar (so far she can play ``Twinkle Twinkle Little Star``!). Ellie enjoys fishing, eating ice cream, and telling cheesy jokes. Fun fact: Ellie recently had the opportunity to sing a duet for the bonus track of her friend's new album!


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
School: University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

Anne grew up on a dairy farm outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Growing up she spent lots of her time helping around the farm, waking up early to feed the cows, chickens, goats, and horses. In her free time She enjoys reading and writing, her favorite genre is historical non fiction and her favorite author is Stephen E. Ambrose. Fun fact: If Anne could have any animal as a pet she would choose a Belted Galloway cow.


Hometown: Eau Claire, WI
Previous job:Waitress at the Brickhouse Cafe

Abigail recently completed a semester at sea. For this program, she spent six weeks in Woods Hole, MA studying oceanography and nautical science, then six weeks sailing the North Atlantic/Sargasso Sea, ending in Grenada. During her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, curling up with a good book, exploring nature, and spending time with loved ones. she is very excited to join the VVR community! Fun fact: The last restaurant Abigail worked in was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network Channel.

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