Special Rates and Events

Branding Week: May 31-June 7, 2015

Kick off our summer season with a special week at Vista Verde.  It’s spring time, and that means branding season.  Jump in on the excitement of a traditional cattle branding, and get your hands dirty while you help out.  This is your chance to channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl to be a part of a long-standing tradition in the ranching world.  Kids will have a blast learning how to vaccinate, getting a try at branding, and learning about how things are done on a working ranch.  As a bonus, take advantage of early season pricing and savings of up to $600 per person.

Discounted Summer Weeks

Join us for the first two weeks of our Summer dude ranch season and save $600 per person.  Discounted dude ranch weeks are offered for these first two weeks of the season, and you can enjoy the spring-like weather, freshly sprouted green grass, rushing rivers, and a staff that is so excited to have guests here to take on adventures into the mountains!  All-inclusive rates for the weeks of May 31-June 7 and June 7-14 start at $3,475 per adult.  Please contact us or check out our all-inclusive dude ranch rates for more information.

Share and Save

We want to make it easier to get your friends together for a Colorado Guest Ranch vacation. During certain times of the season, if more than 2 people share a cabin, we will give 50% off our all-inclusive rates for the additional guests. Get your girlfriends together and save, grab another couple and save, heck maybe even bring your in-laws…..well, we’ll leave that decision up to you.

This offer is valid during our adult-only times, both summer and winter, based on availability. Check out our all-inclusive resort rates for more details on our rates.

Or, feel free to contact us for more information.

John Lyons Horsemanship Clinic- October 11-15, 2015

John Lyons has been presenting training clinics and horsemanship symposiums since 1980, has written many books on horses and horse training, and is the founder of John Lyons’ Perfect Horse magazine.

Lyons’ approach to establishing a partnership between horse and handler is based in part on the principles of operant conditioning. He places a strong emphasis on safety of handler and horse, using gentle techniques, and eschewing dramatic results in favor of setting specific goals, then teaching them by use of clear signals, responsible methods, and consistency.

During the course of the clinic, riders and horses will learn the foundation exercises, lessons, and principles of the Lyons Method. Riders will, first and foremost, learn to effectively control their horse. Whether pleasure and trail riders, or an experienced competitors, all riders have the same common goal: to improve the level of control they have over their horses. The clinic will help you reach that goal and take your horsemanship to the next level.

Contact us to learn more about this 4-night, 3-day clinic.

Horsemanship Retreats

If you enjoyed the riding program during your dude ranch stay, here is a chance to come back for an intensive riding experience.  Our training team hosts a horsemanship retreat, typically each year at the end of our winter season.  The clinics focus on a broad spectrum of topics from maneuvering your horse with better communication to understanding conformation and more.  Click here for more information on the horsemanship retreat.