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Summer Staff

Dace is busy putting the final touches on the roster for our summer staff. It hasn’t been too tough of a job this spring considering about 75% of the crew are returning staff so he hasn’t had to vet too many new applicants. So, who, you ask, is coming back? Here’s the quick rundown:
Kitchen– Chefs Matt and Pat will be back at it with Rob.
Dining room– Sallie is staying on to oversee the servers and to see what the ranch looks like without snow.
Kids and Teens– Ready? Mandy, Amanda, Chelsea, Lindsey, Grace and Jen.
Housekeepers– Teresa tried to leave, but couldn’t do it, and Amber is sticking around to see what’s under all that snow.
Wranglers– Johanna, Terry and Nicky of course. Then, Rachel is back in the saddle along with Nate, David, Amanda and Leslie.
Ranch Hands– Jess and Javin are tipping the scales to become lifers. Daniel (from winter) and Stephanie (from last summer) jump into the ranch hand crew this summer.
Fly fishing– Grahm is another one who can’t get rid of us.
Guides– Joining Steve and Kelli will be two return staff members, but new to the guide program- Bekah and Cliff. They are already starting some bike training with a spring trip to Moab!
Office– Christi sticks around for another season to keep Dace, Ben and Steph lined out. Thank goodness!

So there’s your sneak preview. If you want to know more, you’ll have to book a stay so you can get the full staff story and visit with all these incredible people!

9 Wild West Dude Ranches

As seen in The Daily Meal
9 Wild West Dude Ranches – by Nicole Campoy-Leffler

Spurs and all, these are more than just your average horseback riding adventure

In this digital modern age, John Wayne’s dusty Wild West seems a novel, old fashioned place. And while the Gold Rush may be over, it’s comforting to note that this gun-slinging, iPhone-less cowboy lifestyle is still alive and well on dude ranches across the U.S.

More than just tumbleweeds and cowboy hats, these dude ranches have amenities that would spoil even the toughest ranch hand. Swimming pools, live country music, wine cellars, and river rafting trips are all becoming dude ranch standard with fine dining, lavish spa treatments, and tennis courts rounding out some of the more luxurious offerings. Central California’s Alisal Ranch, for example, asks guests to “dress” for dinner and boasts a wine club with three levels of membership.

Whether you’re a seasoned horseback rider or got inspired by watching Rio Grande, the activities and itineraries available at each dude ranch can be tailor-made to fit your every whim. Wyoming’s storied A Bar A Ranch offers everything from fly fishing to skeet shooting and from horseback riding to golfing, ensuring you’ll earn your stripes in no time. And nothing goes with saddling up better than a fresh, epicurean meal.

Montana’s Triple Creek Ranch offers mahi mahi ceviche and braised Guinea fowl and organic chicken with seasonal vegetables and rice in their main dining room while Colorado’s Vista Verde Ranch has scheduled seasonal wine tastings and cooking classes throughout the year.

Harking back to the old West, these ranches let you get a taste of ranch life without actually making you wake up to do farm work at 5 a.m. Here are nine great ranches worth visiting all across the U.S.; go for the horseback riding vacations, stay for the food.

Colorado’s Vista Verde Ranch seems like it was made for the food-loving rancher. With cooking classes and wine tasting events, the ranch’s other activities like mountain biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, and rock climbing are an added bonus. Changing based on the season, the ranch’s culinary adventures take place all throughout the property from hearty breakfasts (like honey wheat pancakes with caramelized apples on top) to outdoor grilling and from a quick lunch between activities to tasting the ranch’s inspiring wine collection.

Thank you Nicole for including us as one of the best dude ranches in your article!  We are so proud of our all-inclusive Colorado resort and love introducing new people to Vista Verde Ranch.

Give us a call at 800-526-7433 for information or reservations!