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Go Green. Give an experience rather than a Gift

So I can be a little bit of a tree hugger which is why I get an e-newsletter that focuses on health, wellness, environment, etc.. As with many of these types of things, often times I just hit the delete button due to lack of time. But today, one of the headlines caught my eye. It was a blog about being environmentally friendly this year for the holidays by not giving a physical gift. For some reason it peaked my interest so I read it. And darn it, he didn’t mention a trip to Vista Verde, but he should have!! Rather than a toy or a tie, give your loved ones a ranch vacation where you can share an experience together and build memories that will last much longer than the AA batteries in the toys in our house.

I know, I write this with a sense of humor- how dare I suggest giving a big trip like this in lieu of a $20 toy? But what the heck, it’s a great idea AND environmentally friendly! Ho, ho, ho…..

It’s still snowing and the staff are still hard at it getting their fill of how-to’s and why’s. 10 days to go…..

Horseback Riding and Cattle Drives at Vista Verde Dude Ranch in Colorado

A great article by Lois Friedland on About.com Adventure Travel

Vista Verde Ranch offers much more than horseback riding. Some guests come just for the fly fishing, while others spend part of the time riding and the rest hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or just relaxing. I opted to hike one day because it was prime fall foliage season in Colorado, when the aspen leaves look like liquid gold. Viewing the patches of gold among the deep green of the ponderosa and lodgepole pines, I decided Mother Nature stitched a patchwork quilt. Add in the occasional red patch of low-lying scrub oak, and it was almost impossible to take a bad picture.

The region has hundreds of miles of trails, but that day we hiked part of the Zirkel Circle in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness. The trail meandered through forests and past streams, where rusty equipment left by 19th-century miners seeking gold littered the ground. We stopped to photograph wildflowers in the ruins of what was reputed to be a bordello.

Each day you had choices beyond riding, so another morning, a group of us walked among towering aspens with a professional photographer. She spent time with each of us to help us improve our photography skills.