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October Horsemanship Clinic

For those of you who have enjoyed the in-depth riding experience at Vista Verde Ranch, we want to invite you to come back in October for a 4 day intensive horsemanship clinic with ranch trainer Terry Wegener.

The clinic at our luxury guest ranch will be a great experience to take your riding to the next level. Join us October 5-9, 2011 for a fall riding experience. The rate is $1,400/person and space is limited to 12 riders.

Please contact Stephanie at 800-526-7433 to reserve your spot for this riding vacation at Vista Verde.

Two Southern gals and a mountain

Time and life really does pass too quickly. My amazing daughter is already 26. She is a dedicated career lady and talented outdoors woman. We share a love of our horses, fishing, hiking and anything that keeps us in touch with the beauty and peace of nature.
We find less time to spend with each other and this would be a trip for the two of us to just be mom and daughter. Our roots are born of South Carolina. My daughter now lives in Florida now and I in Texas. We would cherish the special trip you have planned. It would be a memory for life. Also, my daughter headed up the horse program for a dude ranch one summer while she was in college. She fell in love with the region and has always wanted a chance to venture to the area once again.
Thank you,

Name: Caron H. Marble
City: Sugar Land
State: Texas

You did what?

Last week my daughter spent an afternoon playing with some kids who were visiting our luxury guest ranch with their family (names withheld to protect their entrepreneurial identities). That night, and for days after, she kept talking about wanting to have a lemonade stand and sell drinks to the guests. I just blew it off as random six year old talk until a cup showed up on my desk, filled with $1’s and a note saying “for the staff”. I asked Hannah if she knew what it was, and she said, “Yes, sure, it was from the kids last week selling drinks to the guests”. What? I’m sorry, did I hear that right?

Apparently, these creative kids (again, still keeping those names private, but Erica, I may have to recruit them for marketing projects going forward) decided to set up a drink stand during our happy half hour and sell slushies (aka Snowdas) to the guests. They got snow from outside the Lodge, and had a selection of flavors for guests to choose. And wouldn’t you know it, they raked in the cash. I even hear that they were using the statement, “It’s a fundraiser for the staff” as their clincher to seal the deal. Yep, you heard that right.

So, thank you to you en genius kids. Not only did we love having you here last week, but now we have $46 extra dollars to help everyone with their gas money getting home after we close for the season! I am still laughing every time I think about it. And my daughter is convinced now that we should be selling slushies to the guests all the time. Oh boy…..

I would love to experience a vacation!

Hi my name is Danielle Flowers. I have gone on two mission trips to Haiti as a photographer but I have never been on a real vacation. My vacation would be seeing & enjoying the west for the first time while riding a horse. In Pennsylvania they only have trail rides. If i’m off the East coast and on horseback that is a vacation for me.

Name: Danielle Flowers
Company: Target, City of Easton, Maternal & Family Health Service
City: Easton
State: PA