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It’s a girl thing at Vista Verde

Our foal crop was not as large as expected, but we ended up with two fillies and are thrilled. Tele Tubby delivered this sweet and spunky filly over the holiday weekend. She’s still pretty shy, but full of energy and ready to get out and play. Over the weekend the weather was pretty cold and wet, so she had to stay inside. But the sun is shining beautifully today, so she gets to go out and explore the big world around the mare barn at our luxury dude ranch.

Opening day is Sunday, and we are just hoping for lots of warm weather and sunshine to dry out the mountains. It’s been a record setting spring with weather that none of us have ever seen this time of year. We’ll get out and have a great time with our guests at our Colorado guest ranch, but we may have a little mud on our boots at the end of the day for the first couple weeks.

Cue the sun and let the fillies play!

Honeymoon Holdover

I’m horse crazy, and my new husband and I were just married 9/8/12. Since I’m unemployed right now and looking all the time for a job, we just couldn’t put together a honeymoon financially. He knows how much I’ve wanted to try a riding vacation at some point, and he loves horses too, so we’ve plans to some day do this. But, winning a winter riding vacation at Vista Verde would put a wonderful New Year shine on 2013 and allow us to finally have a nice honeymoon!

Name: Alisa Hose
City: Marstons Mills
State: MA