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Dude Ranch Conventions?

I tend to break to news to people that I am attending a dude ranch convention with a little bit of a chuckle. It’s not that it’s a joke- we really have these 2 times a year! But it’s watching people’s reaction that makes me laugh. A what? Like, a bunch of dude ranchers sitting around talking about horses? Well, um, yes, that’s kind of what it is. But we also talk about marketing, labor laws, operational issues, insurance and other scintillating topics related to running a dude ranch operation. And we have some fun too. I have been heavily involved in the Colorado Dude Ranch Association, sitting on the board for the past 7 years or so. It’s an amazing group of people with whom I get to share a passion for dude ranching in Colorado. I’ve been looking forward to this meeting because after years of heading up the marketing committee and then serving as President of the Association, I am stepping down. There is still one more year on my term, but I just get to attend board meetings as Past President and carry very little responsibility. Time to spend more time focusing on Vista Verde Ranch instead of all the Colorado dude ranches!

Even better, I had to drive over Rabbit Ears Pass to get to the meeting on Sunday. With snow swirling all around, I left a little early and stopped and skied for the first time of the season on the pass. For me, getting out and playing in the snow is what it takes for me to fully embrace winter. Snow is great when you get to have fun in it! And I’m hoping that we wrap up early enough today that I can do the same as I head back to Steamboat. It’s turning into winter wonderland here. I know many of you enjoyed that gorgeous picture from the Vista Verde pond that I put on Facebook the other day, so here are a few more.

I’ll take a lap on the ski trail today for all of you dreaming of winter!

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I would be able to enjoy a honeymoon with my husband that we still are waiting to take since our September 4, 2009 wedding.God has blessed us with a 3 year old boy and a 6 month old girl that keep us on our toes and go with mommy everywhere while daddy drills at work. We received money for a honeymoon in lieu of gifts but my husband lost his job during the recession in 2009 and we were forced to spend our honeymoon money to provide and put our honeymoon on hold … we sold our house & moved into an apartment and my husband also sold his brand new truck and has been driving a car ever since. It would be a dream come true to win some alone time to spend together as we rarely our without our blessings. My husbands birthday is Jan. 19th and I would love to spend a few evenings relaxing, skiing, riding ,wining,& dining with my hard working love @ your breathtaking Vista Verde resort. Thank you and God bless.

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