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Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence- October 2010

We just receive a nice letter from Tripadvisor congratulating us on so many positive reviews along with a 2010 Certificate of Excellence. That’s pretty cool! We have had a lot of great reviews, thanks to those of you who took the time to write up your thoughts after your dude ranch vacation. Thanks to everyone who has done that, and for any of you who have thought about it, we do so appreciate your candid reviews. So many people have chosen Vista Verde Ranch as their vacation spot due to those reviews on Tripadvisor.

Spotlight on Christi Cline

Christi Cline is proof that every business needs a former kindergarten teacher to be successful. Don’t laugh, I am currently spending much time in awe of kindergarten teachers as my oldest is in the big K and I watch her teacher manage those children with amazement. Then I walk in the door at Vista Verde and see Christi managing all of us, and the guests with those same skills. Not only is Christi (known as CC to many of us) wonderful with people and a joy to be around, but she brings a creative energy to the ranch that Ben and I lack, and Dace doesn’t have the time to pursue. I was reminded of this last week after asking CC to take on the project of giving our massage rooms some TLC. It was a fine room, but a former office and had never been given the attention we give the rest of the facilities. So, CC went to Denver armed with a very small check and lots of creative inspiration. Then she spent a couple days with dining room manager and roommate Sallie (we all wear many hats, especially in the off season) sneaking up to the massage room and not letting any of us in to see the progress. This past Thursday was the unveiling and it was like being on HGTV to see the change! No pictures here, you’ll just have to come out and get a massage on your next dude ranch vacation to see for yourself!

All this makes a point that we would be lost without the creativity, energy and enthusiasm CC brings to her job as front desk manager. Yes, kindergarten children all over the place are missing out with her at the ranch. But we are enjoying having her here to herd us around like the children we often can be, and to keep us all in line.

Not to miss out on a little background, CC came to us from Prescott, Arizona where she grew up and spent several years teaching. She is the youngest of 4 girls, and is very close with all her sisters, nieces and nephews, and her parents. Just before joining us, she had spent time living and working in Mexico. She fearlessly heads up our front desk, helps Kelli manage the store and assists me in every possible way with the office and marketing side of running the ranch. My girls love spending time with their CC, and she gets a chance to spoil them a bit when she takes care of them from time to time.

So, raise a glass to CC and all that she brings to Vista Verde!

Never Give Up

After two failed marriages I wanted to give up. My heart was broken, I felt all alone. Then I reconnected with God. I started attending church regularly just like when I was young. I felt like life was worth living again and then I reconnected with Jon from my kindergarten class. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years. We became best friends and are now dating. He treats me like a princess and I call him my knight in shining amour. I would love to go on a vacation, which I haven’t had in forever, and be with Jon in God’s country. We love nature and this would be a dream come true. (Well we did have one dream come true already, being together). Thank you.

Name: Marianne Laginess
City: Monroe
State: Michigan