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Fall around the Ranch

The aspens are changing, the sky is blue, the scrub oak red, and it’s just breathtaking here at Vista Verde right now. That comes from someone who looks at this view every day, and right now I’m nearly driving off the road at times because I’m too busy rubbernecking a stand of glowing aspens. Something about the sunlight this time of year only amplifies the beauty of the whole valley, the mountains, and the trees.

Last week was our first cattle gather week, and we had some really successful days and some more challenging days. Those little cows are good at hiding, and who wouldn’t be on 16,000 acres? But with persistent guests and hard riding, we did find a good number of them and brought them back to the ranch. This week we have a big group of guests gathering, so we’re hoping that by splitting up and being a little more savvy on the timing of our searches, we’ll get the rest before Sunday. Otherwise, it’s going to be up to us to get the rest as we close this weekend. Yowzer, I can’t believe it’s the end of the dude ranch season already here at Vista Verde!!

Sallie took some great photos when she went running the other day. Yep, for those of you who recognize the area, she was actually running up and around Hinman lake. Go Sallie, Go!

Well, the sun is beginning to rise on another gorgeous day. We’re looking forward to celebrating two birthdays today at the ranch (what are the odds of that? Happy Birthday Jinnie and Anne Marie) and this whole week we are enjoying having Bruce and Sandy here for their 10th stay. For those not in the know, that means their dude ranch stay is FREE!

Cattle Gather Week

I am excited. Ben, Dace and I just met with Christy and Matt Belton the other day to go over the schedule for our cattle gather weeks in September. And, hold onto your hats, it’s gonna be fun. This is a new relationship between Vista Verde and the Beltons, and the goal is to help each other manage a herd of 1,000 head of cattle on a National Forest land lease.

Here’s how it’s going to work. Throughout the summer, we will be helping check the herd, and keep them somewhat corralled into the parts of the forest where we want them. The lease is a total of 16,000 acres. Yes, you read that correctly. And it’s not all fenced, so there is the chance that the cows can just keep wandering all the way to Dome mountain if we don’t check them and move them to the right areas frequently. So, twist our arms, we’ll be taking all-day rides throughout the summer out to help make that happen.

The real excitement begins in mid-September with our cattle gather weeks. During both the week of September 12-19 and 19-26 we will be driving them all down to holding pens for them to be loaded and shipped. The first couple days of each week will be spent at the ranch taking part in clinics and in-depth instruction so everyone is on the same page with their horses and how we want to work the cows. Mid-week, we’ll head out for several very intensive days of riding in the forest, trying to find all the cows and driving them to the holding areas. These riding days are not for the faint of heart, it will be intensive days in the saddle, and you will love your hot tub when you get back to the ranch. I’m guessing our massage therapist will be in demand at the end of the week! We will be offering all our regular activities, so if you want to just come and experience the beauty of fall at the ranch, you can still do that. We hope to have some of you come ride with us! Give Stephanie a call at 800-526-7433 or if you want more information.