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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch"
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

My own cross country ski vacation day

Date: January 15th, 2013

By Reid

Days off here at Vista Verde Ranch are the staff’s chance to get out and enjoy the beauty we have all around us! I personally love to get out on the perfectly manicured track for some skate skiing with my dog, Dodger. It’s good exercise for the body, and does wonders for the soul. Here are a few shots from my ski this morning!


Starting out through the Homestead pasture gate.


Gotta love the fresh corduroy.


Swing by the homestead cabin for a look…on a sunny day like today, no fire is needed! By this time I’m toasty warm from burning calories!


Enjoying the view of Wapiti mountain…if I’m super ambitions, later today, maybe I’ll grab some snowshoes and try to summit! We’ll see if Dodger is up for it.


Over the river….…


and through the woods…


My favorite spot along the trail! Does it get much better than this?


Almost home! waving hi to the wranglers as they load up some bales to feed the horses in the barn.

Hungry horses await at the end of my ski…beauty surrounds me! EWF! We’re tired!


And that is a good start to a beautiful day! It’s like my own cross country ski vacation, just for a day.  Some good cardio, quality time with the Pup, and a scenic wonderland to play in! Wish you were here at this winter vacation getaway dream!

Come visit us soon, at Vista Verde Ranch!

Reid Morgan
Head Wrangler

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Waking up from the holidays, in

Date: January 4th, 2013

What, did someone just say that it’s 2013?  When did that happen?

The holiday vacation time at Vista Verde is a complete whirlwind.  We start December pouring into our staff, and getting them geared up to open for our winter season.  That, in itself, is a whirlwind of activity and excitement.  Once they are all ready to roll, we open the doors and meet our first guests.  And, suddenly, I realized it’s January 4.

P1010821How lucky are we to have spent the past 3 weeks entertaining some of the most wonderful people, who chose Vista Verde for their family holiday?  Some have celebrated with us before, some were here for their first time.  Regardless, it was a wonderful group of folks from all over the world.  During Christmas-time, we decorated trees, caroled, and ate like you can’t believe.  Luckily, between skiing, tubing, snow shoeing and more activities, everyone was burning off a high number of calories daily in order to make room for those stupendous meals. As we got closer to New Years, we prepared for a festive night.  A wine dinner, a barn party, a square dance, the boot drop and the ranch hand’s firework extravaganza made it a spectacular night.  Although we had a great time with the guests, I do think Carson and Rucker might have had the best night of their lives out in the Sunday pasture lighting off fireworks.  Apparently, we could have skipped paying them all winter and just let them do more of that.

On top of all those festivities, action and adventure, I decided to launched a winter vacation giveaway.  It came to me in the middle of the night and I figured, no time better than the present.  Did I have any idea of the response we would get?  NO.  It has been humbling to read the entries so far.  And, it reminds me daily of the greatness of people.  I wish we could give a vacation to each of these wonderfully deserving folks.  If you get a chance to read some of the entries for our winter vacation giveaway, you might be inspired by them as well.  We’ll be madly trying to pick one of them for the winner on Sunday, January 6, so stay tuned.

Here is to a wonderful 2013!  May it be filled with love, laughter, health and some fun.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

So, bring us some figgy pudding….

Date: December 27th, 2012

By Steph

Christmas at Vista Verde is a magical time.  Even after all these years, I am still taken by how much holidays at the ranch feels like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Whether is the family-decorated trees in the Lodge, or the screams of laughter as children (of all ages) zip down the tubing hill, it just feels like how Christmas should be.

Each year on Christmas Eve, I get the joy of leading our guests on a caroling expedition.  We ride from the Lodge to the Homestead cabin on the big sleigh, caroling all the way.  Out at Homestead, Rucker met us with a warm fire, mulled wine, hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts.  Yep, it is totally cliche, but I can never help but do the Christmas Song (hum to yourself, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”)while we’re out there.

Colorado Christmas vacationAs we come back from the cabin, and round the bend to see the ranch compound, the lights of the cabins and Lodge glitter like little stars. It is such a peaceful and memorable moment for me, year after year.  We pulled up to the Lodge this year singing, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and while thinking about figgy pudding we decided to surprise the Chefs.  Jumping off the sleigh, we all ran to the back door of the kitchen and did a quick rendition.  “So bring us some figgy pudding, so bring us some figgy pudding, so bring us some figgy pudding, and bring it right now”.  Next thing we know, Chef Cholly is running away and comes back with- you guessed it- figgy pudding, as you can see in this photo that Kristin captured!  Only at Vista Verde.

We had a wonderfully festive day yesterday, and hope you did as well.  Even if you weren’t surrounded by fluffy white snow and jingling bells, we do hope you were surrounded by love and laughter.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

What to wear for your winter vacation in Colorado?

Date: December 20th, 2012

By Steph

Some of our guests coming to Vista Verde this winter are coming for their first ever winter vacation in the snow.  Although we send out a packing list, it can be a little daunting to understand how to dress for playing in the snow.  So, here are a couple tips to break it down for those “snow newbies”.

family snow vacation smallerLayers, layers, layers.  Yep, that is really the key out here.  Because what is comfortable at 10am, might be too much clothing at noon.  They most important part of layering is to have the right materials.  You need to make sure that the base layer is not cotton, and is designed to wick moisture away from your body.  Wool is great, but there are plenty of synthetic fabrics that work well.  This link to Christy Sports page for base layers for women should help give you an idea of what works well.  You’ll want a top and bottoms (also known as “long johns” in the good ol’ days) to complete your base layer.

Next up, a middle layer.  I like a good, basic fleece top.  But, a good wool sweater will do the trick too.

Lastly, you’ll want your outer layer.  Waterproof is a must, as even though our snow is dry and fluffy out here, if you spend a lot of time getting personal with the snow (falling down) then you’ll be thanking that outer layer for keeping your dry and warm.  Need a better visual?  Here is a link to Christy Sports jackets for women.   And this link will give you an idea of what works for pants.   Sorry guys, I gave links to women’s wear as that is typically who is doing the shopping!

cross country ski vacation smallNow, keep in mind that I am gearing this list towards those who are coming for the full winter vacation experience.  For those of you wanting to focus more on the cross country skiing and snowshoeing, a lighter outer layer will be better.  When you do those activities, you get pretty warm and a heavy outer layer will be too much.  While we do sell some shell pants and jackets for these type of activities in our Nordic center, here is an example of one of the jackets we have carried in our shop.

For footwear, the best bet is a sturdy snow boot.  You can use them for most of the activities here, and then for skiing we have the boots for that.  I am a fan of Sorels, but there are plenty of other options out there as you can see in this link.  Make sure you give your great boots a chance to work with wool socks, and not cotton.

Lastly, don’t forget a warm pair of gloves (or mittens) that are waterproof, a warm wool or fleece type hat and your sunglasses and sunscreen.  Check out this page for winter accessories.

It seems like a lot, but all of this gear will make your winter vacation so much more enjoyable!  With the right gear, it’s never too cold out in the snow.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Snow biking!

Date: December 19th, 2012

ImageYesterday we had our inaugural snowbike trip.  It was the Aussies who decided to give it a whirl with Steve and Brandon.  After getting all geared up, they toured around the ranch, then down to the river and back.  It was a first for them, and we had tons of fresh powder for them to enjoy on the bikes.  




So, if you thought to yourself, “Self, I would never think about 

snow biking on my winter vacation” then you might want to rethink it.  Our guests had a ball, and have some great stories to add to their tales of their family snow vacation at Vista Verde.  There are not many places you can go for a winter vacation and come back with tales of biking through fresh powder!

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

3 days to go!

Date: December 13th, 2012

By Steph

The winter vacation season officially begins on Saturday, and we are coming down to the wire on our orientation.  The staff have learned the ropes, gotten to know each other, and the snow has finally decided to stick around for a while.

Orientation weeks are always a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.  Training  each crew on their roles reminds us all of the immense details involved in our day to day operation.  With so many return staff members, it has been a lighter orientation time.  But many of them have switched roles and haven’t been here in winter, so it’s still a good learning curve.

DSC_0038In between the teaching and training, we have also managed to have a little fun.  Last Friday the whole crew made their way into the nearby resort town of Steamboat Springs for a night of cosmic bowling.  White lights, strobes, music, it was a lot of fun.  Once again, Melissa showed us that she is a secretive hidden weapon as she produced the top score of the night.  She may fly a little below the radar, but that girl can do anything!  Nathan, an avid bowler, now has to sharpen his skills before their next standoff.

DSC_0055This week has been the week of “mocks”.  Mock meals were on Tuesday, where the staff played guest and gave the kitchen and dining room crews a chance to run through a full day of guest meals.  Yummy…..  Then, yesterday, the guides got to flex their muscles and take their pretend guests out on horseback rides, skis and sleigh rides.  At this point, we are all ready to settle in for our own winter vacation as it seems like fun!

The verdict?  We’re ready.  A few last preparations today and tomorrow and we’ll be waiting anxiously for the first group of guests to walk through the doors of the lodge.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

10 days and counting

Date: December 5th, 2012

By Steph

dude ranch mapOrientation week officially kicked off yesterday as we begin our countdown to opening day for our winter season.  As our first guests are getting their bags packed for their winter vacation in Colorado, we are meticulously going down the list of all the details we need to have in place for the season.  As we do each season, we started orientation with introductions.  There aren’t as many new faces this season, as so many of our summer staff came back for the winter.  But, there were a handful of folks who we were all meeting for the first time.  One of the traditions at Vista Verde is putting your pin on the map each season.  It’s a fun way to see where everyone is from originally.

After introductions, we moved into a brief history talk by Steve, which was informative for all, especially since Steve claims to make up half of it.  Jokes aside, as Bill and I stood there listening, we both commented about how we learned something new about the history of the dude ranch.  Even old dogs can learn new tricks.  I’m talking about Bill, of course.

dude ranch staffSteve then took the crew on a walk around the ranch compound, and then they were back into the Great Room to hear us breakdown the mission of our operation.  With the foundation laid of who we all are, how the ranch came to be what it is today, and why we are doing what we are doing, we moved into the more detailed aspect of training.  Each crew broke off and starting learning the ropes of what they’ll be doing every day during this coming season.  So much to learn, and 10 days to go!

Have you planned your winter vacation to Colorado yet?  It’s going to be a great season here at Vista Verde….we can just feel it in the air.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

The Jolly Vista Verde Elves

Date: November 29th, 2012

By Steph

Some folks call our fabulous housekeepers “fairies” as they flit in and out without anyone knowing, cleaning up messes and tidying up our guests homes.  But, we have another set of magical creatures at the ranch.  The Ranch hand “elves”.  These guys come this time of year, and don’t always flit in quite as discreetly as the housekeeping fairies, but still leave magical surprises behind.   In October, you may have seen a picture of the elves delivering the sleigh to the Great room.  This week they were delivering a Santa hat to our favorite moose, as well as a few other fun chores while the scaffolding was laid out.  Dusting beams, replacing light bulbs, all in a days work for a ranch hand elf leading into the holidays.  Carson, Gov and Rob make for great elves….now they just need little hats and funny boots.

As we get closer to opening day of our winter season, when folks come in for a Colorado holiday vacation or just fun in the snow with their family and other loved ones, more and more elves will be delivering surprises.  Christmas trees, garland, lights and more festive fun.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  If you follow us regularly, you may have noticed we went silent for a while there.  I had all intentions of writing some updates while I was away, but seemed to get too distracted going for walks in the redwoods in Northern California with my family.  Banana slugs, redwood cones, huge fall leaves were all part of our fun.  Thankfully, Nathan and Rucker were willing to stay behind and hold down the fort at the ranch.  Although the phones and emails can follow us wherever we go, the horses don’t take a vacation, so someone has to stay behind.  Steve and Kelli hosted them for Thanksgiving dinner, so they still got to enjoy some time with good friends and yummy food.

Next week we start orientation for our new staff, and gear up for the season.  We’ll keep you posted as we get ready to open for the winter vacation season.  Please do your snow dances!  It’s come and gone, but we’re ready for more now.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Off season ramblings from the ranch

Date: November 16th, 2012

By Steph

This past week has been one of comings and goings.  The numbers at the ranch keep dwindling, as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  Alaya and Cholly have headed East to visit family, Reid has hit the road for a while, and a whole slew of us are packing our bags in the coming days to head out and celebrate one of the few holidays we have during the off-season at our Colorado ranch.

Earlier in the week Ben, Charlie and I hopped in the trucks to go to a dude ranch meeting at Sylvan Dale Ranch, near Loveland, Colorado.  It is always great to get together with other folks in the dude ranch business, and to share our joys and challenges as well as learn some new tricks.  Many of these folks have become dear friends over the years, so it’s as much a dude ranch reunion as it is a learning setting.  Although some of the topics may make you chuckle, some are a little less exciting….can we say Labor law and Liability in advertising are not speaker topics that one looks forward to, but know it is a must listen?

We returned to a winter wonderland scene, and found Steve and Kelli strapping on their skis yesterday for the first tour up Coulton Road.  There isn’t quite enough snow for skiing in the meadows yet, but they had fun sliding for the first time this season.  Keep doing your snow dances so it keeps coming!

They are busy making snow at the Steamboat Ski resort this week with winter settling into the valley.


We’re only a month away from opening up for our winter season.  We kick off with a lot of families coming for their snow vacation, and then move into the adult only times in early January.  Keep those times in mind for your romantic getaway, as Vista Verde is a great spot for not just honeymooners, but those honeymooning for their 30th time!  And, know that even though we are full for Christmas and New Years vacations, if you are looking to bring your kids to the snow, we still have room for the President’s Day weekend and for those who have spring breaks earlier in March.

Come join us for some winter fun!

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Ice Castles in Steamboat Springs

Date: November 8th, 2012

by Alaya

Have you ever heard of “farming” ice?

I hadn’t either until reading a recent article in the local paper but growing icicles is a part of the process that Brent Christiansen and his team use to build winter ice castles, and this winter they’re building one in Steamboat Springs!

As if the snow-covered mountains were not magical enough on their own, this new attraction will be a real treat for those coming through Steamboat this winter. A unique experience bound to be majestic, romantic, and a dang good photo op (next year’s holiday portrait, perhaps?) – after all, how often do you find yourself exploring an ice castle?! If you’re already planning a stay with us this winter, you may want to add a visit to the ice castle to your itinerary.

Check out this video of their Ice Castle in Silverthorne, CO last winter.

“The Ice Castle in Steamboat will include three tiers of frozen towers and tunnels creating an organic and ever-evolving labyrinth landscape complete with a castle throne perfect for capturing that stunning photo. The icy towers that make up the interior of the castle create a look similar to glaciers transporting guests to a winter fantasy land that is only limited by their imagination.”

Sounds magical to me!

You can read more about the castles here:

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

The Vista Verde Hunger Games

Date: November 5th, 2012

By Steph

We all get pretty spoiled throughout the year, having a kitchen full of Chefs who prepare us hot meals several times a day.  Yes, we do all work hard, but the perks are pretty nice.  However, there is a time of year, when we get a little reminder to not take those perks for granted.  During November, and again for a month in the spring, the kitchen shuts down completely, and the chefs take off for a well-deserved break.  For those of us sticking around still during the off-season, the ranch can feel either eerily quiet, or blissfully peaceful.  That just depends on the personality.  I have noticed over the years that the old farts like me (yes, you’re old when you’re over 35 at Vista Verde), tend to enjoy the peace and quiet.  No distractions, getting things done on the to-do list, and just a great change of pace.  The younger members of the crew miss the social interactions, the camaraderie and the pack of friends to enjoy in the evenings.  But, the off-season at Vista Verde is very short-lived, and so whether one likes the quiet or not, it is a good change of pace for all of us.

Anyway, back to the whole hot meal waiting for you idea…..Chef David decided to have a little fun as he and Cholly we closing down the kitchen.  Last week, during one of the final meals, this message showed up on the white board in the staff room.  No, no, don’t worry about any of us.  I’m sure we’ll all make it.  But, we….are….just…so….hungry!  Brown bag lunch, anyone?

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Planning for your Winter Vacation just got easier!

Date: October 30th, 2012

By Steph

Vista Verde Ranch and Christy Sports are working together to make your winter vacation planning a bit easier.  Christy Sports at Gondola Square has been selected for an exclusive partnership for our ranch guests.  As a guest of Vista Verde, you will have access to special pricing on downhill ski rentals as well as clothing for your winter vacation in Colorado.

The Christy Sports location we have partnered with is located right at the base of the gondola at the Steamboat Ski Resort.  This makes picking up your gear and returning it easy and convenient.  The shop has been awarded SKI magazine’s “North America’s Top Shop” award for 4 of the past 6 years.  That is a pretty amazing feat, and we felt they deliver a quality experience that we want our guests to experience at the ranch, and off the ranch.

If you have already booked your winter vacation at the ranch, we will be sending more information as we finalize arrangements and get closer to your arrival.  For those still thinking about booking a winter ranch vacation, know that we are working to make your planning easier!

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

First Snow: It’s a Winter Wonderland!

Date: October 26th, 2012

by Alaya

Winter pasture, blanketed in snow.

The first real snow of the season is always exciting. Overnight, as if by magic, the world outside the window is radically transformed into a magical playground. No wonder winter has been deemed a “wonderland.”

Every winter, the first snow brings the same renewed sense of excitement, wonder and play. Nevermind that this is the first taste of the long, cold season ahead. All of that is erased by pure beauty, a world stilled: tucked-in by a blanket of snow.

Looking out the window, our minds immediately conjure up the possibilities: sledding, skiing, building snowmen, making snow angels, or even starting the occasional snowball fight! And then there are the things we do when not out in the snow:

snuggling with a good book and a cup of cocoa by the fire, writing long letters to good friends, decorating our homes for the holiday season to come… The cold weather outside draws us back into the fire within our own hearts.

A true winter wonderland…

And so it is with this sense of warmth and wonder that we experience another year’s first snow here at Vista Verde. Here’s to the season ahead!

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Introducing Amanda and David Gillie!

Date: October 23rd, 2012

This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of Amanda and David.  Amanda is Ben and Holly’s daughter, who has worked at the ranch during the summer months for many years.  David and Amanda are high school sweethearts, and David gladly joined Amanda at the ranch each summer, and quickly became part of the family.  Ben had the privilege and responsibility of officiating the ceremony….no pressure there.

It was a beautiful day filled with love and much celebration.  The couple now plans to settle down in Denver.  Chances are, we’ll be seeing them a fair amount at the ranch.  I have a good feeling the call of the horse will lure David to the mountains, and the call of family will lure Amanda right along with him.

Amanda and sister Chelsea

Congratulations from all of us at Vista Verde.  We wish you a beautiful and blessed life together!

Sending off the newleyweds

It’s official!

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Wow, you sure clean up nicely Sally

Date: October 18th, 2012

By Steph

In a blog post a while back, I mentioned that one of our guests, Wendy, bought a horse from us several years ago.  Sally, the horse, was a sharp looking dude ranch horse.  She traded her Western look for a much more sophisticated English style upon her move to the South.  Recently, we received this fun update about a horse show that she and Wendy competed in, and won a first place ribbon and a second place ribbon.  Sally and Wendy have also been practicing for a drill team presentation, but missed being able to perform due to bad weather.

It just goes to show that a girl from a dude ranch can clean up pretty well.  Hmmm….I may have to take that to heart as I head out for some off-season adventures in the big city.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Off-Season Hobbies

Date: October 15th, 2012

by Alaya

It’s hard to believe that the 2012 summer season has come and gone. What a whirlwind!

Guests get a sense of our multi-talented
staff at music program each week.

We officially closed up shop on Saturday, and won’t open our doors to guests again until December 15. Of course, as Stephanie mentioned in her previous post, there is still plenty to be done. But even for those of us who will be around between now and December, work (and life) takes on a whole different pace.

Our seasons are busy, and while we love a little down time, those of us who like to “go go go” find we need something to keep us occupied in the off-season.

Whether here or away, it is not uncommon for our folks to use this time to take up a new project or hobby.

In talking to my fellow staff about their off season plans, I’m reminded once again of what’s so special about the staff here at Vista Verde. Plans are varied and interesting and include salsa dancing, drawing, leather work, construction & remodel projects, piano, travel, a new language… the whole gamut. Once again I impressed by the variety of skills, talents and the level of passion my co-workers have. I look forward to seeing everyone in December to hear about their off-season adventures.

As for myself, I just bought myself a new uke to play with. Hopefully I’ll have a few songs under my belt by the time our winter season begins.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

October at Vista Verde

Date: October 11th, 2012

So, the dude ranch season ended September 30, and many assume we all pack up and take off for the Bahamas, or something like that.  Although the thought of that is kind of attractive with a weather forecast of snow this weekend, there are no umbrella drinks in my future, or others here at the ranch.

Right after we close each season, we have the pleasure of sitting down in the Great room for two solid days, and break down the season step by step.  The theme of our end of season meetings is “what worked and what didn’t”.  Note the sarcasm in my use of the word pleasure, as getting a dozen people who are used to being outside all day and on the go at all times to sit down in meetings for two full days is not exactly an easy feat.  There is a lot of squirming, and a lot of gazing out the window at the fabulous view, and maybe even a bit of day dreaming.  But, it is a very effective time as we can map out what we need to do in order to make the next year even better.  We take the feedback we received from all of  you, the input from staff, and the experience we all have to look at whether everything we are doing is making this the best dude ranch experience we can possibly provide to our guests as well as the best work experience for our staff.

Not a bad place for a meeting….if you can keep the attendees from daydreaming out the windows!

Following that, many of the crew took a 3 day break, while a few of us continued on the meeting track with some long range planning and strategy sessions.  We had staff head out all over the state of Colorado, as well as some even going further on their adventures.  We all reconvened at the ranch on Sunday, in time to check in a business retreat group.  Some meetings, a lot of fun later, they headed out this morning and we have our second round of business retreats here having meetings in the Great room this morning.  On Saturday, we will officially close the doors and most of the staff will head down the road for their next adventure in life, or just a break before the winter.

With the ranch moving towards off-season, those of us who are sticking around will be getting to those hefty to-do lists, and tackling them before we start ramping up for the winter season.  More to follow in the coming weeks on what people are working on during this time.  For me?  An email newsletter should be coming in a couple weeks.  Setting up the outfitters for the winter so we have plans in place for dogsledding, massages, etc… Updating the website.  Getting all the winter guest information in place so we’re ready with schedules, program information, etc…  And the list goes on.  Luckily, much of it can be done inside as the weather may turn cruddy pretty soon here.  Don’t start your snow dances yet, but it’s not far away.

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Elk at Vista Verde

Date: October 8th, 2012

by Alaya

Chol snagged this photo of the bull,
on the far side of Winter Pasture.

It’s amazing how quiet this ranch gets at the end of the season. Evenings around here are always tranquil, but without guests  this place starts to feel like a ghost town. This has been especially true the past few days, as staff have scattered to their various adventures for a three-day weekend.

However, for several evenings in a row, we’ve had a distinct sound cut through the silence. Starting in the final weeks of September, each night we would hear the bugle of a elk bull calling to his herd of cows. Early in the mornings, and just after dusk the sound pierces the air: one part majestic, and three parts primal. It’s like no sound I’ve ever heard before. Even being woken by the sound in the early hours of the morning, rather than be frustrated (as is my usual reaction to an early wake-up call), I would smile to myself,  exciting to know how close they are!

Elk cows follow the bull up the hillside.

One evening, Chol spotted the cows in the Winter Pasture with the horses, and later caught sight of the bull rubbing his antlers against an aspen under the light of the full moon. How’s that for romantic imagery?

Sometimes I forget that we’re tucked right up against national forest land, wilderness and wildlife all around us. When they come to visit, it is a wonderful reminder of the full majesty of this place.

For more info on elk, check out the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

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Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado Luxury Ranch

Growing up on a dude ranch

Date: October 6th, 2012

By Steph-

The weekly Foal Clinic this summer was great for helping to socialize and train our foals the basics.

I passed by the mares the other afternoon, and noticed that they were alone.  The foal weaning has begun.  It’s a big step in a little horse’s life, and our little friends took that step this week.  Once they are old enough, we move the foals away from their momma’s so they can take the next step in growing up to be civilized dude ranch horses.  I asked Terry for an update on how they are doing, and here is what he had to say:

“We brought them up to the cow pen, right next to the Arena, so we could keep a close eye on them, and they would be far from their momma’s.

They have had a great start on training from the guests who visited our dude ranch all summer, and now they all are trying to find friends in the horse staff who go work with them daily (work is mostly petting and fellowship).  Jr. really loves his mom and is still calling out to her so he’s keeping the girls awake in the barn apartments (barndominiums as we call them).  Jr is the smallest and always will be, and just like Terry, he has “littleman complex”.  So, he is really tough with his siblings yet he has plenty of time to be sweet and remains Nickys’ choice for “favorite baby”.  Thermond (Hopalong Cassidy) is still struggling with trust; but we try to reassure him that all is well.  He genuinely likes the ladies better than he likes the authority figure (ranch trainer Terry Wegener) so T-dub is trying to let him know all is well and safe.  Chisholm is the most loving and kind and accepting of people. We must have gotten some sweet folks on his lead line….  Bailey loves Peggy. That was the big connect of the summer which was very sweet.  These things just happen, and you never know who will be the one who the foal picks.  Gemmy and Rascal were sold together to one of our guests and will winter as best friends. We will stay in touch with them and watch their development with great excitement.  Rocket gets more elegant everyday and right now is showing the most changes.  He is aptly named as he exudes speed and shows a mischievous nature that is really fun.”

As we get closer to our winter resort season, and the snow starts flying, we will send most of the foals down to the Front Range of Colorado to spend the winter growing up in a big, open pasture.  They will be able to frolic with each other, and get bigger and stronger.  Being at a winter resort with all the snow isn’t the best place for them, and so we’ll wait until next spring to bring them back and start their more official training.

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Autumn Comforts

Date: September 27th, 2012

by Alaya

Fall at the ranch. What a beautiful time of year!

Last week marked the official transition into autumn, but our season had already begun. The aspen leaves have changed from bright green to a blazing yellow – punchy and vibrant.

The nights have gotten cold, and the mornings are just as brisk. It makes for a good night’s sleep, but the days of leaving the windows wide open at night are over.

This time of year, one steps outside at the end of the evening to the indescribable scent of… fall – the deep, rich scent of earth and fallen leaves, mixed with the warm, comforting scent of smoke from the wood-burning stoves in each of our guest cabins.

Looking up at the hillside, one sees the row of cabins, lights glimmering tucked against the hills. Depnding on the night, the sweet scent of autumn may be accompanied by the yipping of coyotes, bugling elk or ribbons of laughter pouring from a cabin deck.

As the days progress, the temperatures begin to drop and you can sense that snow is not too far off.

I’m bracing myself for my first winter in the mountains, my first winter in northern Colorado. I’m not sure I’m ready for the season’s length (or the snow’s depth!) but I am looking forward to the cozy comfort I know that this ranch will offer during the long winter months.

And until then, I will continue to marvel at the vibrant landscape.

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The dude ranch vacation that follows you home

Date: September 19th, 2012

One of our goals at Vista Verde is to provide a compelling dude ranch vacation experience that creates memories that last long past the final adventure.  We hear great stories from folks of how they go to their “happy ranch place” when in the depths of a crazy day back at home.

Every once in a while, the Vista Verde ranch experience follows a guest home with a little more of a physical presence.  The past couple weeks have been some fun reminders of those cases.

Earlier in the month, Joe and Linda visited us during our first adult only week.  It was a great group of people, and a lively dynamic.  Linda is an avid horsewoman, but Joe found himself exploring some other adventures.  One of those was mountain biking with Steve.  Now, those of you who have spent time with Steve know quite well what a gear-head he can be about his bikes and skis, among other things.  Joe had such a great time mountain biking on his vacation with Steve, that he decided to extend the experience and bought a bike.  We are now enjoying the stories of Joe making sure the UPS driver knows the bike is coming, getting his bike, and his first ride…..which translated into a new pair of padded biking shorts.  We love that he has found this new hobby, and one that is so healthy too!

Last week, Wendy and Eric joined us for one of our cattle round up weeks.  Wendy is another guest who has found Vista Verde following her home.  In this case, it was a horse several years ago.  Yep, book a dude ranch vacation, and come home with a horse!  Sounds crazy, but it’s not the first time that’s happened.  It was fun to talk to Wendy as they were heading home about how when she misses the ranch, she can always look at Sally’s brand and be reminded of her time here.  Now, that’s one heck of a souvenir!

There are more fun stories like this.  Not everyone will have a piece of Vista Verde follow them home to that extent, but it’s fun to think of the different ways the ranch stays in peoples hearts and minds when they aren’t here with all of us.  Share your story as we’d love to hear how Vista Verde stays with you, in big ways or small ways.

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Kitty love at the ranch

Date: September 15th, 2012

Melissa gives us the inside scoop on the kitties

Being on a ranch, it’s not rare to be surprised by an unlikely visitor. This summer we’ve had a guest wake up to a deer peeking through their window, rustling noises from a bear walking alongside a cabin, porcupines making themselves at home on porches, and coyotes howling off in the pasture. In the wilderness you never know what you’ll find. And recently, we’ve had a few other visitors.

There used to be several cats at the ranch, but as they moved on in life, it became just Harley (also known with endearment as Nappy Cat).  She had her hands full, being the sole hunter.  But, she has recently had some new friends.

Our cats Cookie and Lovey once lived at the mare barn. Their job: hunting mice. But it turns out they like the company of people a lot more than horses so they decided to move up the driveway and hang around the cabins. Not only are they patrolling a new area, but they’ve made themselves at home.  (Please keep in mind we do not let cats in our cabins or buildings, so do not fear if you are allergic.)

After a relaxing afternoon in the hot-tub last week, our guests Mark and Kim left their towels lying on top of the hot-tub cover. When they woke up the next morning they realized one of the cats, Cookie, had nestled herself in the towels making a nice little bed for the night. She was just too cute to move, so they left a note for the housekeepers asking if it was ok to keep the bed for their new friend.  Who could say no to that! From then on, Cookie joined Mark and Kim almost every night this week on their porch.  Who can deny that a warm hot tub cover makes for a cozy place to cuddle up on a chilly evening?

Let’s hope Cookie and Lovey don’t forget about the mice, as they live in the lap of luxury at Vista Verde!

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Even Big Kids Love Ice Cream!

Date: September 14th, 2012

Kids at Heart? Or Just Plain Kids?

This week we were surprised with a nice little treat: Vinny’s mom visited in her ice cream truck!

Vinny is one of our esteemed chefs, who just happens to be from nearby Steamboat Springs. His mom is Buffalo Gal, and drives the neighborhood ice cream truck. (World’s coolest job? Aside from working at a guest ranch, I think so!)

She pulled up just after lunchtime today, a special treat for staff and guests. You could barely hear the nostalgic ice-cream-truck music because the excited cheers were so loud!

Surprisingly, several of the staff had never had ice cream trucks visit their neighborhoods, so it was a first!  (We caught Reid skipping to the truck!)

Even Rosey got in on the action!

Even Rosey got into it.  She went right up to the truck, made her choice and then sat down until Ruth gave her a Frosty Paws treat.

What a fun treat… by the end, everyone had big smiles (and even bigger ice cream mustaches!)

There’s something about an ice cream truck that brings out the kid in everyone (as evidenced in the photos above), and that’s just fine with us!

As for the favorite treat… it was a mix, just like the staff, no one treat was chosen over the other.

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The four-legged staff at our dude ranch

Date: September 12th, 2012

Rosey, guiding a ski trip

Every dude ranch should have a great staff.  But, what some don’t realize is that the staff includes 4 legged critters too.  We love to sing the praise of our crew, and we highlight our wonderful horses regularly, but we often overlook the smaller members of our dude ranch team.

The ranch dogs don’t provide a whole lot of function at the ranch, but do a bang up job in the hospitality department.  From greeting guests to providing comedic relief as they dive into the pond daily, they have their role.

Trooper is Terry’s wanna-be cattle dog.  Typically ranchers have a cattle dog to help herd the cows.  Trooper has disowned his lab background and has claimed a cattle dog pedigree with the way he jumps in and helps Terry move the cows.  Please don’t tell him otherwise, and just buy into his story.  He would be crushed otherwise.

Rosey is Steve and Kelli’s lab, who has grown up as a guide dog.  Not the kind of guide dog you might imagine, but a dog that has been guiding ski trips, hiking trips and other adventures her whole life.  When your mom and dad are ace guides, that’s just how you learn to roll.

Many of our guests this past winter fell in love with Reid’s new puppy, Dodger.  He has now morphed into more of a teenager, testing the system and harassing the older dogs.   But, they do help teach him the ropes, and he is learning the rules and guidelines to being a great guest ranch dog.

Sadly, two of our wonderful friends passed on earlier this summer.  Dakota and Cheyenne were our Great Pyrenees power puffs.   Time and time again, they would sneak out of their pen and wander down the road to visit some neighbors (yes, we do have a couple neighbors out here!).  It was a weekly event that we would get a call at night telling us the “white dogs” were at their house.  With their sweet personalities and kind hearts, they were hard not to love though.  We all miss them, but love that their stories will be with us always.

Over the years, we have had many ranch cats.  They truly are an important part of the team, and have a specific job.  As much as Vista Verde works hard to provide a luxury ranch experience, did you notice that there is one important word that is always a part of us?  Ranch.  And, with that goes wildlife.  And with wildlife goes some that we’d rather not see as much of…..mice.  You can build a very nice cabin, but when you build it on a 600 acre ranch, surrounded by millions of acres of national forest, the mice just don’t care how nice that cabin is, or whether it has granite countertops or not.  They just want in.  So, our cats have played an important guest service role over the years.  When left to their job, they are actually very effective.   More to follow on them tomorrow, as they have their own stories.

The animals come and go in our lives.  We have loved so many pets over the years- Bessie and Bailey, Aspen, Tillie, Slim, Red, Miss Kitty, Whopper, Babe, and the list goes on.  They all have brought stories, laughter, and joy to our lives.   So, go hug your pet today, if you have one.  If not, you can always hug one of ours.

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Adventures in Housekeeping

Date: September 5th, 2012

Guest bloggerm, and all-star housekeeper, Lasha shares a fun story from last week’s Adventures in Housekeeping.

Willie finds some interesting places to hide on the ranch.

It was the last week in August at Vista Verde; the first week of “Adults Only” here at the ranch.  For Housekeepers, this generally means that the cabins are not quite as messy, towels don’t have potato chip grease stains on them, and typically, there are just a few less piles of clothes on the floor to maneuver.  One of the biggest changes though is that “Willie” the moose doesn’t get hidden in cabins anymore at evening turn-downs.  Willie (a very cute stuffed animal) is usually cleverly hidden every night, accompanied with a snack, for the kiddos to find.  It’s a fun game for both Housekeepers and the kids.

Willie thought wrong when he assumed he was done hiding every night just because it was an “Adults Only” week.  Monday morning came and much to the Housekeepers surprise, Janie and Nigel had left a note asking where Willie was, and wondered why he wasn’t hidden for them to find the night before.  Naturally, this started a friendly game of hide and seek.  The Housekeepers were all too pleased to come up with even more clever hiding spots for Willie.  Tuesday morning came and the Housekeepers arrived to Janie and Nigel’s cabin to find a note saying that it had taken them an hour and a half to find Willie and just when they were about to drain the hot tub and tear down the fire place, they collapsed with exhaustion onto the living room floor only to find him hiding under the sofa cushion with a snack bag of teddy grahams.

The notes exchanged throughout the week were humorous, at times even poetic, and the hiding places were epic.  At the end of the week Willie left the Vista Verde to continue his journey in life, with a promise from Janie and Nigel that he would be well taken care of.  Needless to say, the Housekeepers were sad to say farewell to their friends but as always looked forward to a new week of adventures in Housekeeping!

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