Vista Verde take me away!

I’m now an empty nester and my husband works out of town a lot! Here it goes. So…one evening I came home from work, it was dark but yet I was able to catch a glimpse of the lil varmint…the huge porcupine that scurried off into the woods! Later on a phone call with my husband he asked if I shot it? Really? Like I’m going to run out into the woods at night with a rifle to chase a porcupine!
Ok, night #2. Came home to find my miniature horse with a muzzle full if quills! Suddenly the thought of chasing porky thru the woods seemed like a great idea! As I held poor Tony in a headlock, I started the painful process of removing quills. I would gather a handful, let go of poor Tony, and put the quills on the ledge. After awhile this became laborious. I had an idea! Hold the pulled quills between your lips! You will save time! I did. Yes, I actually did. Here is your free public service announcement: porcupine quills will reattach themselves! They are barbed like a fish hook! Oh, by the way, they don’t just slide back out either. As I went to take the quills from my mouth, I found that several had hooked inside my lips! When I pulled the quill, my lip was going with it! I had to yank them out! Yee ouch! Oh, did I mention they have venom? They do. I had huge, numb lips. Fortunately for the porcupine…he left dodge! I hope you agree…I need to recover from this porcupine tragedy. What better way?

Name: Kristen Florez
Company: Painted Passion Miniatures
City: Chattaroy
State: WA