Skiing is a rich man’s sport

“Skiing is a rich man’s sport,” is what my boyfriend heard growing up. He has lived in Colorado, the Western Slope to be exact. Seeing how his parents were always low on money, he has been unable to take part in much of what this great state has to offer. I personally come from a family where my parents wanted us to experience everything this great state has to offer. I would love to be able to show him an amazing getaway. The first day we would take on a day of skiing, something he has wanted to do for 27 years, but been unable to indulge in, due to lack of funds. Since he has never experienced being on skis before I would have him take a morning lesson and then we would tackle greens, maybe if feeling adventurous we would take on a blue or two. That night we would unwind in front of the fire. The second day we would take on a day of horseback riding. Seeing how I have always been interested in horses, holding a horsemanship certification, yet my boyfriend has never been on a horse, I would love for him to experience the world from atop a horse. We would also take on a cooking clinic, since his brother makes fun of him, since supposedly he doesn’t even know how to cook hotdogs. The last day we would take on some time to unwind before reuniting with the stresses of every day by having a massage. Then it would be back to the real world feeling a bit better from releasing the stress and having a bit of fun.

Name: Briana Sinn
City: Aurora
State: Colorado