Horse Whispers

While I love all animals, I was never really a horse person — meaning one who rides or owns a horse. Actually they kind of scare me because of their size and that’s why it is so odd that I feel God used horses to save my life. For 25 years I had lived in very lonely and emotionally abusive marriage. Many friends and family had tried to get me to leave but because of my religious up bringing I felt leaving was wrong. But I had gotten to the point where I was no longer living, I was only existing.

About two years ago a friend of mine who is very a much a horse person wanted to do some healing with me…. using horses. That was a little out of the box for me. I nicely explained that if God felt I needed healed, He would heal me on His own.

Then, a strange thing happened. I was called to go check out a horse rescue ranch. I really didn’t know anything about horses so I called my friend Kim. She very willing agreed to go with me.

As we entered the horse rescue we found the owner working hard at cleaning the stables. She took us out to one of the fields where their were about 30 horses roaming around. As she explained her circumstances, I listened while patting a pretty brown horse’s head.
Then out of the blue, this big black mare came out from what seemed to be nowhere. The black mare took his head and hit me hard as though he was trying to knock me over. I grabbed the brown horse’s neck to help me not to fall over.

The black mare turned its head and looked at me as he walked away. I looked at my friend Kim and the ranch owner and asked them, “What was that about?”

Both seemed just as surprised and said they had no idea. Shula, the owner, then continued talking. While she was explaining her situation, I noticed a donkey way out in the field heading right towards me.

I interrupted Shula just for a minute to ask her if she had a donkey. She said, “yes.”

As Shula talked, I watched the donkey get closer. Something told me that this donkey was coming towards me and after what just happened with the big black mare I was getting a little nervous.

“Don’t donkeys kick and bite?” I asked a little nervously interrupting Shula again.

Shula gave me a quirky smile and answered yes and then continued talking.

Once again I interrupted her as my mind was going through all the data memory I had in my brain on donkeys. “Wait don’t donkeys sometimes protect horses from coyotes?” I asked remembering reading something on this at one time.

“Yes,” she said looking at me a little odd not knowing why I was asking all these questions since she was facing me and did not see the donkey coming towards us. Then her eyes lit up as she remembered a story on how her donkey recently had saved a horse from a coyote attack. It was about the time she ended the story that the donkey had its head right next to my arm wanting me to pet him. As we walked around the field looking at all the horses the donkey stayed right by me.

At one point I even whispered to my friend Kim, “why does this donkey keep following me? He is making me nervous.”

Kim smiled and said, “Just go with it. He seems to like you!”

As we were getting ready to leave and the donkey was still standing next to me as I patted the last horse, Shula smiled and said, “Wow I can’t believe how much Jerusalem likes you!”

I was in shock. “Your donkeys name is Jerusalem?” I asked.

When Kim and I got into the car to leave the rescue ranch she looked at me and asked, “Did you feel God talking to you?”

The crazy thing was I did. For 25 years the man I was married to had always tried to knock me down. He actually told me that he felt when we got married that I was better than him and his goal was to tear me down… to take me below his level. The sad thing is that is not love for love builds your partner up. Love does not tear your partner down.

I really feel that God used the horses and Jerusalem the donkey to let me know, He is with me and it was okay to leave this abusive marriage.

And while starting life over is somewhat scary at the age of 50, it’s also been very amazing. I have found myself with others in my same situation. And instead of living in the negative, we are helping to re-build each other. And many of us are smiling and laughing again.

To win a trip to Vista Verde for me in the winter with snow on the ground would be an amazing miracle for me for two reasons. One to be in God’s country with God’s beautiful horses that gave me strength to move forward. And two, bring my friend Cheryl with me who is going through a lot of the same stuff and give her a chance to see her daughter.

Name: Beth Callahan
Company: WC Group LLC
City: Franklin
State: Ohio