Home to Me

I am an country girl aussie now living in the US of A for the past 3 years. One of things that I miss the most is not being able to go and visit my family ranch each weekend like I used to when I lived in Brisbane, Australia – I miss the smell of the country, the clean air, the animals, the gorgeous landscape and more importantly, the fact that you can just be yourself in the country. My partner Bart did not understand what I meant by this until I took him home with me last year to experience it for himself… rounding cattle up and dipping them, motorbikes and horses and just a good old cup of tea and a good nights sleep which you will have because you have spent the day out in the country air… I would love to have the opportunity to join you at Vista Verde… don’t be surprised if i pitch in and help rather than relaxing…. it will be like coming home… (note: the picture I uploaded is of my partner Bart and my brother in law on the ranch back in Oz)

Name: Stefanie Maragna
City: Burlingame
State: California